An Experience To Remember by: Pedro San Diego Silo

It's Friday once again... It has been a tiring, challenging week for our family... But we managed to surpass everything... This morning, as I was getting ready to face another day, I received this email... It made me cry... Humbled me... Now, I have got so many things to be thankful for... For being one of the Luckiest Persons on Earth falls number 1 on my list... Whatever emotions I had watching this video is unexplainable... It might be depressing, yet powerful... It might be heartbreaking, but heartwarming... I may have seen emptiness but I felt fulfillment... Just sharing...

From Pedro San Diego Silo:

Hey, everybody!I am about to share to you a humbling experience I had a few days ago. As you well know, I am an avid, amateur photographer who shoots whatever pleases my eyes. I joined, administer and moderate a few local and international groups on Flickr. Most are very supportive and and inspiring. One particular local group, "Photo Kalye" ( ), a group intent on documenting life in the streets, organized it's first photowalk. I am not too keen on joining such "walks", but on this one, my fellow admin, Jon Fabrigar, was persistent. He must have seen my previous work on "street" and thought it was an interest to me. It was and still is one of my passions to document our street, but nothing prepared me for what I was about to witness... This might take a few of your precious time, but i'm sure it will be worth your while.

The place: BASECO COMPOUND, TONDO (a few kilometers from Manila Hotel)

The date : 11 October 2008