Revitalash - My review

I started using Revitalash "Eyelash Conditioner" last May 9, 2009. I haven't consumed the whole bottle yet. I think I could probably finish up the contents until the end of August...

What I've noticed:

1. During the first week, I noticed that my eyes became darker. No, not the racoon type, but, the smudged/smeared eyeliner effect... I actually didn't like it because it made me look haggard.

2. By the end of the first week, I noticed that the lower lashes started growing.

3. On the 2nd month, no one notices my longer lashes except myself.

4. By the end of the 2nd month, which is the present time, people began asking me if I am wearing eye make up.

The Verdict:

Yes, Revitalash is effective. But it takes a lot of patience and determination to religiously apply the solution to your eyelids.

Many of my friends find it impossible to do this religiously. It is because they don't have facial regimens before going to bed. Unlike me, I regularly apply moisturizer every night and I make Revitalash application as my final step.

Here are some before and after pics of my lashes...


(Enhanced by a lash curler only, no eyeliner nor mascara)

Tell me what you think...


Tokyo Cafe

I think what they want me to understand is that, Tokyo Cafe - is an Italian Restaurant in Tokyo...

The restaurant is very clean, has nice lighting, with white tables and chairs... One wall displays a black and white picture of Milan (i think). Their menu outside the restaurant looked really tempting. Product photography really does a great job...

Here are some samples of what I'm talking about... (Sorry for my blurry photos)...

Check out their prices! Gambas for 240 pesos??? Again, apologies for the blurry photos, no SLR that time but too precious to waste, so had to make do with my camera phone...

And now, for the real thing... Here's what we ordered:

Creamy Shrimp Spaghetti

Not too rich, but generous serving of shrimp! Lovettt!!!


Lots of garlic and the beef is tender...


At 240 pesos??? I couldn't ask for more...

Pizza A must try!!!
Now this pizza is reallllllly good... It's a thin crust pizza with fresh tomato sauce!

Not on photo:

6 cups of Japanese Rice
1 Burger Steak
Though I wouldn't recommend it since it is not as spectacular as it was described in their menu...
Not too far from Jollibee's burger steak actually....

1 Frozen Tiramisu
Tasteless, not good... Don't order!

Guess how much our bill was!?!?!


I was really shocked when I saw the bill... Checked it and it was pretty clear... No discounts, freebies, whatsoever... Their food is just simply cheap!!!

Am i coming back???

I already did... Ordered the pizza again!

Tokyo Cafe is located at the Ground Floor of
The Block (SM North Edsa) near Bread Talk

Celebrating Fonzie's Birthday

(Sorry if this post is longggg overdue...)

Just to treat the kids for a day... Anyway it was Fonzie's 2nd birthday last June 25, party-less. I brought them to Festival Mall's Pixie Forest. I had no choice, I think this is the only mall that has indoor amusement center, with the roller coasters, trains, etc... I miss the one in Robinson's Galleria, wish they didn't close it. I actually forgot its name...

After a whole day of rides, we had dinner at Union Jack Tavern...

It was referred by Miss B. It is an English Pub, with a small deli at the back of the restaurant...

I loved the Fish, (Dory) and I especially liked the Green Peas (mushy green thing) right there! It may not look too cute but it tastes real good! The beef pie, which they highly recommend is also good...
I liked the crust. The mashed potato is thumbs down
(tastes like instant mashed 'tatoes)...