Revitalash - My review

I started using Revitalash "Eyelash Conditioner" last May 9, 2009. I haven't consumed the whole bottle yet. I think I could probably finish up the contents until the end of August...

What I've noticed:

1. During the first week, I noticed that my eyes became darker. No, not the racoon type, but, the smudged/smeared eyeliner effect... I actually didn't like it because it made me look haggard.

2. By the end of the first week, I noticed that the lower lashes started growing.

3. On the 2nd month, no one notices my longer lashes except myself.

4. By the end of the 2nd month, which is the present time, people began asking me if I am wearing eye make up.

The Verdict:

Yes, Revitalash is effective. But it takes a lot of patience and determination to religiously apply the solution to your eyelids.

Many of my friends find it impossible to do this religiously. It is because they don't have facial regimens before going to bed. Unlike me, I regularly apply moisturizer every night and I make Revitalash application as my final step.

Here are some before and after pics of my lashes...


(Enhanced by a lash curler only, no eyeliner nor mascara)

Tell me what you think...


pusangGrasa said...

yo! congrats. yush, it looks nice.. nag curl talaga.. pero the price naman, my god! 7K+ nga ba? I saw one at glorietta. grabe grabe... 1 small bottle ba e good for 60 days na?

McDreamer said...

hi Ipepeh... did i get that right??? anyway, yeah, i heard they're selling at 7K here in Manila... i bought mine in a multiply website, 6k, a little cheaper... i'm still using it, hasn't consumed the whole bottle yet... thanks for dropping by!

charlene said...

I've used Revitalash with good results. My lashes are longer and curlier. It's true that they tend to curl in strange ways but a very light coat of mascara or lash gel is enough to tame them, and I don't use a lash curler anymore.