I'm such a BB Addict

Nothing can ever replace my BB... I'm just so in love with my Blackberry Bold 9700, that I am too hesitant to upgrade and use my new BB 9900. I think I don't have a choice but to, as what they always say, "MOVE ON"...

Here's a pic of my pre-loved BB phones...

The one on the utmost right is the latest model, the Blackberry Bold 9900, blogged about it here. It's light, slim, but a little wider than the 9700. And it only comes with black (as of this date).

The black one on the left is my BB Bold 9000 (if i'm not mistaken). I used it for my Sun line. My Sun line is my business line. Just calls and texts. No internet, no bbm, just plain cellphone. Too many clients already know that number and I can't let go of that particular line. However, the white one is the BB Bold 9700, I call it My Berry, to which I fell in love with. It's my social phone. Wherein I get to know everything because of her...

Now that the BB 9900 is here, in my hands, I don't have any choice but to let go of one... Of course I'm letting go of the oldest one, but my problem right now is making My Berry my Sun Line... I can't accept the fact that I'm using My Berry as a phone only and not maximize its features...

Sometimes I think I want to let go of it, sell it, so that it can be used by a much worthy person, someone who can maximize the phone's abilities...

Then I'd just get an ordinary phone for my Sun line... What do you think???


My Semi-Smokey Eyes...

Since I do not own great set of eyes, smokey isn't really my thing. I don't think it matches my oriental features... But, what the heck, I want to try it!!!

I did my semi-smokey eyeshadow by not applying too much dark shades. I replaced black powder shadow with a black glittery pencil so I can easily blend it. Here's how:

(Note: I am not a professional so it is just okay to make fun of my make up, plus, I'm not pretty either so fine, you can laugh)

1. First, using my Too-Faced eye palette, which I blogged a few months ago, (click here to read the blog) I chose Silk Teddy to be my base color eyeshadow. This helps balance the light and dark colors of my eyeshadow by blending the colors.

2. Then I put on dark brown eyeshadow, also from the same palette, Sexpresso, applied from the outer corner of the eye, blending it towards the center.

3. Blended everything

4. Then I applied a thick eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, just right beside the lash lines. I used the Black Glitter eyeliner (H & M). Then blend all colors together, using my ring finger (how rookie?)

5. Topped it off with 2 coats of black Maybelline Mascara

6. Finished it off with Mac Amplified Cosmo A21 lipstick

7. Topped with Mac Lip Glass in Elle (only at the bottom lip) for a shiny gloss.

8. Outcome - it looks a little pale in picture but irl, I really think it's too dark. At times when I look at myself in the mirror, I see raccoon eyes...

What do you think? Don't laugh!!!