My Semi-Smokey Eyes...

Since I do not own great set of eyes, smokey isn't really my thing. I don't think it matches my oriental features... But, what the heck, I want to try it!!!

I did my semi-smokey eyeshadow by not applying too much dark shades. I replaced black powder shadow with a black glittery pencil so I can easily blend it. Here's how:

(Note: I am not a professional so it is just okay to make fun of my make up, plus, I'm not pretty either so fine, you can laugh)

1. First, using my Too-Faced eye palette, which I blogged a few months ago, (click here to read the blog) I chose Silk Teddy to be my base color eyeshadow. This helps balance the light and dark colors of my eyeshadow by blending the colors.

2. Then I put on dark brown eyeshadow, also from the same palette, Sexpresso, applied from the outer corner of the eye, blending it towards the center.

3. Blended everything

4. Then I applied a thick eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, just right beside the lash lines. I used the Black Glitter eyeliner (H & M). Then blend all colors together, using my ring finger (how rookie?)

5. Topped it off with 2 coats of black Maybelline Mascara

6. Finished it off with Mac Amplified Cosmo A21 lipstick

7. Topped with Mac Lip Glass in Elle (only at the bottom lip) for a shiny gloss.

8. Outcome - it looks a little pale in picture but irl, I really think it's too dark. At times when I look at myself in the mirror, I see raccoon eyes...

What do you think? Don't laugh!!!


Nina Singanon said...

Hi! If you find black too dark, may I suggest using shades of brown instead and keeping the dark "smokey" part on the outside corners of your eye. :) That way, it wont "close" your peepers and give you that beautiful smokey eye.

McDreamer said...

Thank you Ms. Nina. I tried doing the darker shade on the outside corners, but I don't know when and where to stop, hahaha... I really need a lesson on this, thanks for posting your comment, really appreciate it.

elaine said...

nice i just learned something from you! great job! i will try this one!=)