A Light and Hearty Lunch!

We all love to eat.  Today, after having blueberry muffins with whipped butter for breakfast, (thanks Kyle!) we went to Red Rock...  It's a pretty nice place for hiking, biking, or if you just want to find inner peace and serenity, this is a place not too far from the sin city, but worth visiting just to get out of the hustle and bustle of the real chaotic world...

Isn't it marvelous to look at???  Thank you my BIL (pedro penduko) for the beautiful picture...

Since we felt a little closer to nature, we decided to eat something healthy for lunch, so we headed to Honey Salt Restaurant.

It is such a nice, cozy restaurant, with very friendly hosts and staff.  Upon entering the restaurant, I could already feel its warmth, and it vividly shows its commitment to ecosystem...  The first thing that I thought of when we sat at our table was the scene from Sex and the City series where the girls have their brunch meetings.

Here are some of the hearty lunch we had...

 Steak Salad

Beef Tacos

Elizabeth's Caesar Salad

The salads were superb!  The presentation is beautiful.  You should see their expediter work on your food before it is being served.  The expediter, for those of you who, like me, at first I didn't have any clue what it is, well, he is the guy who follows up on your orders to the kitchen.  Making sure that all the orders on your table are delivered simultaneously.  And if anyone in your party came in late, the expediter makes it a point to rush his order so he can join you all as you dine together...  A tough job, don't you agree???

So, if you are planning on going to Vegas, please do not leave by not trying Honey Salt Restaurant out...  I promise, you'll have one of your most unforgettable meals...  Oh, and they change their menu once a week...  They recycle their printed and obsolete menu and use them as ketchup liners, etc...

Oh, you should also try their hand scrub when you check out their restrooms...  It's heavenly!!!

Hello from the City of Angels!

I feel so blessed...  For the first time in our lives, we three sisters reunite in the US.  For years, my ds Benel, have been living here, and we would see each other when she visits Manila or when one of us goes to US.  We have been very, very close since we were kids.  But in 2003, she and her family decided to migrate.  Anyhow, here we are now, altogether, spending every minute laughing!  This is priceless!

Today, after this cup of coffee, we are checking out South Coast Plaza Mall,  then head to Las Vegas where we are staying for 9 days!

Stay tuned for more updates!


Get Smooth for 50% off!

I need some waxin'...  do i really need to tell you this???

But when you see a waxing salon as cute as this, I bet you'll brag about  it too...  My SIL referred Pink Parlour to me because she had her facial hair waxed there months ago.  

I checked their website and found out their anniversary sale, so I called them right away and arranged for an appointment.  

Besides waxing, they also offer spa treatments, callous treatments, gel lacquer, spray tan, etc.

 Since it is their anniversary month, they are offering 50% off on some services.

Their manicure/pedicure/massage/treatment/service area...

Their waiting area...

I wasn't able to take pictures of the rooms where the procedures are done, but I assure you, 
they're as cute as these pictures...

Good thing my previous waxing technician at a different salon had her vacation leave, 
otherwise I wouldn't discover Pink Parlour...

Please do check their website (click here).  Soon, they're going to open their Rockwell Powerplant Mall Branch.

In 5 weeks, I'll be back...  


PAL is still my choice

Whenever we travel, I always choose to fly PAL.  And I almost always fly coach.  The price of business class is twice the price of economy, but of course, the service is different, plus, the seats!!!  But I just say to myself that we will all get to our destination wherever we seat (sourgraping).  Of course if I have excess money, I would prefer to travel first class with all the comfort, food, and service, and mind you, Filipino flight attendants are the most courteous of all...  Oh well, I have my ever reliable Mabuhay Miles membership so I can just add up the incurred miles and get myself upgraded when the need arises...   

I receive emails from PAL every now and then, and I always check out their promos. Something like this:

At times, airline promos go out simultaneously, especially Cebu Pacific and Air Asia.  I have nothing against the two airlines, but when I try the Piso Fair of Cebu Pacific online, I still end up with high prices.  I don't know why, but maybe because, I choose my seats, I buy meals, and I get extra baggage allowance, plus the taxes.  When you add those up, you'd be surprised at how much it would cost.  Most likely, it becomes more expensive than PAL.  

With Air Asia, I just don't like their stop overs.  And Clark airport is way too far.  But I once tried Clark-HK-Clark, it was uhhmmmmm, okay...

This morning, I got an email about PAL's promo, and I tried booking my family to Singapore.  The selling period started last week, and the travel period is between October to December, and February to June 2014.  I ended up buying 6 tickets for my family, with a total of P57,800.00 or approximately USD: 1,300.00, roundtrip.  Amazing isn't it???

I'm so excited because my kids are going for the first time to Singapore, and they look forward to the Universal Studios day tour.

I know it's a bit early to book a vacation, but, it sure pays to plan ahead, don't you agree?


My Aura Premiere Day

It was my first time to visit SM Aura.  I've heard that there are stores and restaurants that aren't common at Aura.  And they're right! First of all, I like that it's not crowded.  To think that I went there on a 3-day sale Sunday, I thought it would be full of people, but so happy it wasn't.

The first store that caught my eye was Peppermint Kids Salon and Spa Boutique.  
The place is beautifully designed, it is impossible for me not to go in and ask what they offer.  

I actually want to try their Bubblegum Footspa...  Yes, me, because, It's not just for kids, but for moms and dads too!  We could even book their "I Dream" room for a little privacy...  

The salon offers stylish braids too!

Besides haircut for kids, they also have "lice-off"sessions.

From nail grooming down to nail art!!!

I am so excited to see my kids get pampered with their Dead Sea Mud Mask 
while having my foot and back massage...

You can visit their store at Basement 1, SM Aura Premier, Fort Bonifacio, 
or call them at 478-3566 for appointments.

Then I spotted these!!!  You know I couldn't resist the sweet tooth, isn't it obvious?

As a follower of Downton Abbey, I began to appreciate the love of tea.  
Though I still don't get the tea with milk or sugar.

Because of the 3-day sale, the cupcakes were priced unbelievably cheap, some are below P100.00, and the teapot is free and refillable if you get 3 cupcakes.  I lovetttt!!!  Ohhhh, and please, do try their Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Spank me if you think I ain't right...  They have the best Red Velvet cupcakes in the Philippines.

Oh, did I tell you that The Royal Touch Gourmet Cupcakes are from the recipes of Chef Carolyn Robb, the personal Chef to the Royals - Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Princes William and Harry?

I promised myself that I'll be back on Sunday to have my nail spa, foot and back massage, 
and an afternoon tea.  

Wouldn't it be great if you just make believe that you are a Princess even for just 1 day???