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Ey Guys... Sorry for not posting in a while... 'Been busy with work, holiday, parties, etc...

I'm just wondering, is it offensive if I did link a "blog" or a "website" to mine without asking permission from the owner? Well, I might get some stupid answers for this stupid question, but the thing is, people don't reply... There are some who courteously replies all comments, (talk about Steve Novak, I adore him) but for some, well, maybe, they're just too jammed with comments, they can't even reply back... Especially those stupid questions like, can I link you???

So what I did was, just put my Favorite links/sites' Titles and automatically linked them... I don't think it is offensive because I am promoting their sites as well...

To Steve Novak, Miss Sixty, Frapp, Sarah, Enid P, Fat and Thin Girl, Karina XOXO, and La Bella Flor, you are the most decent, most courteous bloggers in the blogging world... I can't even make it on that list!

For some of my readers, co-bloggers, whom I forgot to link, please forgive me... I hope you don't mind filling up the comments section below for me to add your site...

To those of you who linked, thanks for taking the time to read my sometimes stupid blog...

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Again, thank you so much for reading my posts... I'll try my best not to make it as stupid as possible...


My Wishlist + Hollywood Wedding

I heart this... Added on my wishlist... Just checked and looked for some of their stuff. I've always loved their cute items, very useful, chic, and affordable...

Hmmm... Tom and Katie getting married eh???

Hope this time it's forever... Tentatively on November 18 of this year, in Italy... But one thing's permanent... She's wearing a Giorgio Armani Wedding Gown...

Hmmph... (green with envy) teehee...

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Leather And Gold Links

Closet Therapy recently posted about Nicole Richie's cc skye bracelets... I am so in love with them!!! I'm putting one on my wish list now...

Unfortunately, those $200 bracelets are currently out of stock at pinkmascara... They only have the one on white leather... Here, take a look!!!

Also a cutie, eh???

After one whole day of surfing the net, I managed to find some similar bracelets... I'm just having second thoughts of getting 'em...

This two bracelets are from One is a Double Wrap Leather Bracelet sold at $19.00...
And this one is a Chunky Gold Bracelet, also $19.00 which Nicole also wore on the photo above

And finally, a Lee Angel Bracelet from Net-A-Porter... Sold at $195.00

So, what do you guys think??? Which one should I get???

Photo Credits: Closet Therapy

Make Use Of Those Sweaters!

When we see sweaters, we think of "old school knits", something that our grandparents would wear... They're like, 'been on existence for a hundred years... But this season, surprisingly, sweaters are introduced in the top trends... There are several cool ways to wear them, here are some tips from

1. Furry

It's lush, it's plush, it's comfy and it's cozy. It's fur. Faux or real, fur has a way of making you feel grand. If you don't care for the full-blown fur coat look, then a fur trim sweater is the perfect compromise. The beauty of most fur trim sweaters is that many times the fur is detachable so it's like buying two sweaters for the price of one. This slim fitting chalet chic cardigan by Vince ($345) is the pinnacle of luxe dressing. Available at

2. Slouchy

A slouchy sweater is a must-have style to wear with those superskinny jeans or a slim-fitting leather skirt. Not only is this style comfy and sexy, it can also hide a few of those extra pounds you may have put on. This shawl collar boucle beauty by Victoria's Secret ($48) is perfect for an autumn weekend excursion, a romantic night by the fire or a grand entrance to a cocktail party. Available at

3. Belted

Belted sweaters, cardigans, coats and jackets are here to stay - at least for the fall season. Worn over sexy camisoles, button-downs, turtlenecks or nothing at all, belted wrap sweaters are figure flattering because they cover the rear and create a waist. This wear-with-everything knit is the new staple for country dwelling or city sauntering, proving that it has replaced the car coat as the new throw-it-on-and-go piece. Cozy up with this double-breasted wonderful wool sweater by Marc Jacobs ($198). Available at, and the belted cardigan available at delia'

4. Long and Lean

Become a lean, mean fashionista machine this season by sporting a long sweater coat. Wear it open for a chic lounge-around look, or create your own belted sweater style by wrapping your everyday leather belt around it. There's something about wearing a sweater coat over jeans, flannel trousers or any other fall finery that makes you feel so sophisticated yet so rustic. It makes you want to go pumpkin carving... and shoe shopping ‑- at the same time. Do both in this soft merino wool cable knit sweater coat by Banana Republic ($168). Available at, and the long and lean tunic sweater available at

5. Chunky

Chunky handknit-style sweaters are replacing the millions of bland twin sets and V-necks that you have managed to collect over the years. Wear them over tailored dresses to soften the look or wear them with jeans and flat boots for a "weekend in the country" ensemble. Knit one yourself, or better yet, buy one and tell people you knitted it yourself! Bought, knit, what's the difference? This variegated cable-knit cardigan with fold over collar is available at ($49), and the white knit cowl neck sweater available at

6. Fairly

Sexy Scottish-inspired fair isle sweaters inundated the fall runways this season. This après ski patterned knit can be worn schussing down the slopes or warming up with a hot toddy (and a hot ski instructor) at the lodge. In fact, these are also a perfect complement to the autumnal tweeds and menswear inspired herringbones that you'll be wearing on a day-to-day basis. Feature this feminine, fitted-snap turtleneck with snowflake motif by Vince ($275) in your wardrobe right away. Available at

Sweaters are not only worn as tops... They can also be worn as shoes... Like these!!!

Sweater boots

Sweater Flats
Sweater Wedges



My Man Says Goodbye To Barbershop!!!

My husband had terrible hairstyle... He used to go to an old-fashioned barbershop, and his hairstyle has always been that way for over 10 years already, and I am so sick of his look... Last month, after long discussions and debates on haircuts, I was able to convince him to try having his hair styled by my personal stylist... I took him to one of the best salons here and let him have a real, good haircut... The hairstylist told me that what he did to my husband's hair was just a "preparation" for a new and better style for the upcoming weeks... He said that he cannot just make a new style right there and then because he had to first know the growth pattern of his hair, the movement, and everything... I thought, ummm, makes sense actually... Of course it is a lot easier for him to style a hair that he has cut and styled before. So he told us to come back after 3 weeks... That way, he could easily trace his cutting path, and from there, create a new style...

So our 3 weeks came... I noticed that the hairstylist was right... This time, my husband's hair looked a lot different from the previous style... Now, it has become more flattering and a lot more trendy.... It's about time!!!!

You see, not all hairstyles work for everyone... Like shoes, hair can either make or break an outfit too... And actually, hairstyle has something to do with the lifestyle and attitude of the person. Here are some tips from Remember ladies, sometimes, it takes the convincing power of a woman to make her man look gorgeous...

1. Long and Layered

A little messy, but carefully structured, the top-heavy layered cut is a great no-fuss hairdo. With your disheveled bangs and strategically layered hair at the back, your “I don’t care” look is really screaming, “I made it fashionably messy on purpose!” A complete wash-and-wear style, achieving the appearance of organized chaos in the morning should take you no time at all.

Face shape: Square, rectangle, or oblong.

What it says about him: Just like Johnny Depp, he's creative, low-maintenance kind of guy with a trendy aptitude.

2. Buzz Cut

Notorious as the quickest hairstyle to create, the buzz cut helps define the face and makes the jaw line appear wider. While this clean-shaven look has been synonymous with balding men and Armed Forces recruits, it has also become a popular, fashion-forward hairstyle of choice for many men. It lends a neat and tidy air of sophistication, and by judging women’s reactions to such “buzzed” men as Wentworth Miller, the look has become quite a fetish for the fairer sex.

Face shape: Oblong or round.

What it says about him: He's an organized, in-charge man, who breeds a strong aura of dominance, class and sophistication.

3. Short and Tidy

While trendy black men may still sport variations of the traditional afro made famous in the ‘60s and ‘70s, some are choosing to go modern with a much shorter twist to their do. As sported by Lenny Kravitz, this short (but not too short) and tidy style is the same length all around and is a great way to add some urban flair to your mane.

Face shape: Oblong

What it says about him: The contemporary man -- he likes to change with the times, but maintains an affinity and deep appreciation for vintage style.

4. Long and Disheveled

Men with curly hair find themselves with very few hairstyle choices that will suit the natural style and texture of their tresses. But, much like the long, layered cut, the long and disheveled look is also gaining widespread popularity -- thanks to the likes of Entourage’s Adrian Grenier -- as men with curly hair are embracing their locks rather than buzzing them off. All you need is a little mousse or pomade to work in the curls, and you’re ready to face the day.

Face shape: Oblong, square or rectangle.

What it says about him:
There's a calm, collected, laidback charm about him.

5. Messy and Textured

The messy and textured look can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but David Beckham
exemplifies the best way to do it. With a clean-cut, classic men’s haircut, add some extreme texture to the top in order to up the style ante. This look is achieved with a neat, organized cut at the back and a longer cut at the top -- rub some pomade through it and push the bangs to one side to get that messy, Beckham-inspired, trend-setting result.

Face shape:

What it says about him: Refined, elegant and fully up to date with today’s trends, but also hiding a bit of a rebellious bad boy under that fantastic hairstyle.

6. The Faux-Hawk

The faux-hawk is a classier twist to the punk-rock inspired Mohawk. The hair on top of the head is combed upward to resemble a small fan, while the hair on the sides is kept short and tidy. Many men with this style opt to incorporate highlights to their hair, but the monochromatic, “natural” look perfected by Colin Farrell is the best way to sport the hawk this year.

Face shape: Oblong, heart-shaped.

What it says about him: A modern man about town; has loads of style, tons of grace and hoards of fashion know-how.

So, were you able to find the hairstyle that suits your beau???

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Foki Doki!

Introducing, leSportFac fokidokis!!!

I can't believe they're here... Sold between $36 - 40. There's just something wrong and funny with the graphics... Take a look...

And then, the Real Ones...
Those fakers really know what's HOT eh??


The Pink Promise

I just made a promise to get a yearly breast examination... To beat breast cancer... Because I believe that early detection saves lives...

In Miss Evelyn Lauder's quest to "continue to save lives and make breast cancer a worry of the past", a total of 13 wonderful brands of Estee Lauder has joined the fight and offers specially designed products, and gives away millions of pink ribbons and informational brochures. As the founder of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, she raised funds for the researchers who focus on achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime.

As an ordinary citizen, I took the initiative to donate a minimum amount by just buying one product on the list.

So I bought this...

It's kinda' expensive, but at least, I got a lot of benefits.... And one of those is having been able to help raise funds for the prevention of breast cancer... Woohoo!!!

I've been using this cream for a year now, and I must say that I finally found the right one! Two weeks ago, I noticed that the jar's almost empty so I planned on buying it that weekend, but unfortunately, it wasn't listed on my priorities that day, so I had to wait again for another payday... The following week was terrible... My skin felt dry, itchy, flaky, and irritated... It is because I used a different moisturizer for 5 consecutive nights and somehow, it didn't work for me... Nothing beats the performance of Creme de la Mer... For me, it is really my miracle cream... I know it may not work for everybody, but for me, this could be my lifetime bed partner-(oh really???) Teehee...

Hey! Speaking of bed partners, I just got a present!!!

It's our 11th year wedding anniversary (yes, I know, I'm old!!!) and my BH gave me this...

He knows that I love this particular EDT and for the past few weeks, in the malls, I've been eyeing it and asking for samples over the counter... Good thing BH didn't pretend to be indifferent this time... At least he knew exactly what to give me... But it doesn't matter anyway, it always feels like "heaven" when receiving something from him (yeah right!)... It's just that, this time, and for the first time, I felt important, thought about, and, understood...

Okay, now back to the EDT... I love the scent of Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline because its woody, musky, and has the slightiest hint of floral fragrance for a feminine touch... It is a mixture of notes of bamboo, nashi pear, balsawood, lotus flower, lemon, neroli, white peony, and mountain lily...

My sponsor, described it as, "A bright, addictive fragrance, for a woman who demands to be noticed!"

Hmmm.... So I'll give it a try... And maybe get noticed...


Vamos A Comer!

I've learned this new Mexican Restaurant from The Bag Hag. She blogged it I think a couple of times before, and I promised myself to visit this place and eat everything they serve! Haha, that's what happens when I go on a diet... I reward myself on the last day of the week and eat everything I've been craving for... I guess that way, I don't deprive myself too much... Anyway, working out takes up a whole bunch of calories too... So I really don't care... As long as I feel a lot happier and healthier (defensive?!)...

So I went to this place, it's called Y Tu Mama Tambien Cantina.

They do serve authentic Mexican Dishes.... Jeez, The Bag Hag is right, reminded me of Chevy's... But I still miss Chevy's free tortilla chips with salsa dip. Those are to die for!!! Grrrrrrooowwwlllll.... Ooops, excuse me, that was my tummy....

For appetizers, we had the sampler:

Chicken and Chorizo Flautas, Taquitos,
Cheese and Garlic Quesadillas, and Beef Nachos

I had Beef Tacos (pictured at the top left part), next to it is my Pao's Grilled Seabass with Mexican Rice, then, right in the center is Ms Ms's NY Strip Fajitas. I noticed that all entrees come with Mexican Rice and salsa... No matter how many carbs you're having, you still have to have the refried beans and the rice.... So it was like, a Carbo Fiesta!!!

PG and PJ both had Enchiladas... One has chicken filling and the other one has chorizos... They were both good... See??? The rice again and the refried beans... Always present....

Pictured below is the Mexican Pizza.... We asked the chef to omit the refried beans on this one... We've had too much and we know that it's not good for the environment... Teehee... This one is a must try... The crust was made of crispy tortilla and it was really, really good... And I suggest you try it on with the refried beans if you hadn't had too much... But without beans worked for us though...

Of course Mexican Food is better accompanied with a Mexican drink.... So we had frozen Margaritas... Ohhh what a night.... Wish it never had to end...

Vamos A Comer!!! Salud!!!


Techy and Arty

Ooooh, I love singing! I'm a big fan of American Idol, and I have 2 sets of Magic Sing Karaoke Mic at home... We all know that lists of songs in a Karaoke machine are either, a lot older than we are, or even worse, the most cheesiest song we've ever heard... So this new iKaraoke thingie invented by Griffin Technology is a like "big deal" for me... Imagine, I could sing all the songs from my Ipod!!! The iKaraoke sends the music from the iPod to the stereo, minus the lead vocals so I can step up to the mic and feel like the lead singer of the music I am playing.... Cool!!! It'll be out in winter 2006.

Anywayyyy, just had our crib extended and repainted and as I was surfing thru the net for new paints and designs, I accidentally ran across these cute Silicon Switches. Hope I can just go and get them easily...

Aren't they cute???


Vests Are Back!

Vest is the kind of clothing that looks good on others and somehow, can't look that good on you... Melissa Kagan, accessories guru and fashion writer shares us some tips on how to wear vests in 4 different ways...


Layer with a tight tee or camisole and pair it with your skinny pants,
or if you're feeling a little wild and flirty, wear it alone, nothing underneath...


Layer one over a crisp white shirt and accessorize with layered gold necklaces


Layer over a frilly or ruffled sleeved blouse and pair with anything from skinny jeans to wide leg trousers.

Macy's - Nine West


Wear over a vintage or rock n' roll t-shirt and distressed jeans

More, more, and more vests... And for him too...

So, what do you think??? Do they really look good on someone else only, like, ummm, Kate Moss???