Sephora's Best of 2006 - ?

I enjoy going to Sephora. It's as if I'm a 3 year old toddler in Disneyland. Just recently, they launched their Best Make-Up/Cosmetics for this year. I stole a few of them from their site and I want to know your say on this... I agree on the Dolce Vita lipstick, 'been using it for 2 years already, but the others, have no idea... The Prada bottle looks cute though, how about the scent???

1. Best Blush - Nars in Orgasm

2. Best Bronzer - Stila in Sun

3. Best Concealer - Sephora in light touch highlighter

4. Best Foundation - Bare Escentuals i.d. in bare

5. Best Lipgloss - Nars in Orgasm

6. Best Lipstick - Nars in Dolce Vita

7. Best Mascara - Christian Dior - Dior Show

8. Best Fragrance for Men - Giorgio Armani - Acqua Di Gio

9. Best Fragrance for Women - Prada

10. Best Moisturizer - Stila in Sheer Color

Are they really the best??? C'mon... Give me your opinion...


Ms MS said...

Yes, I've tried NARS lipstick, they're great! But one thing for sure, Dior's Mascara, for me it's really the BEST, it really lengthens & thickens eyelashes. Try it....

Frapp said...

Well everyone I know that has used NARS blush in Orgasm has never complained! And I love pretty much everything by Stila!

jcc said...

i love everything , esp the perfumes, hehehe