Prison (Heart) Break!

'Been depressed lately... And I'm crazy to admit why... I am 6 episodes behind Prison Break!!!Yeah, yeah, that's how much I love him! Can't get him outta' my system... Jeez... This is really bad... haha... shallow fellow!

Oh well, this is Manila... And they ain't showing all the TV shows presently running in the US, not until ummm, maybe 6 months??? boohoo... what a pity...

Good thing there's a thing called "download"!

I've downloaded a few though, so tonight, *wide-eyed* I am prepped to watch the first 4 episodes of Season 2! You guys already know what happened that
night when they did the "escape thing" and here I am, clueless, helpless, uggghhh...

The past few days had been hectic (toxic) would've been a better word! Too much pressure on work, grrrr!!! Hey, can't believe I'm talking about work here... Well, anyway, that's the second of the three reasons why I haven't touched my blogger page, and the third, I had some personal family matters to focus on... You guys already know the first reason, it's Stinky!!! Dang!!! What did you do to McDreamer??? I don't think I could ever change my blog name to McStinker!!! Teehee!!!

Well anyway, I got the chance to see some of my cousins last week... And to my surprise, I found an equally insane, true-blooded, Wentworth fan... That's my beloved cuz CWT... She shared some of her info about him and made me realize how ignorant I am about Stinky... Here goes:

Wentworth Earl Miller III

Nickname/s: Stinky, Went, Miller
Height: 6'1" (1.85m)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
College: Princeton University
Course: English Literature
Color of Eyes: Left - Green ; Right - Hazel
Allergies: Cats, Dogs, and certain foods
Father: African, Jamaican, English, German descent
Mother: Russian, French, Ductch, Syrian, Lebanese descent

No wonder he's gorgeous!!!


Mirror, Mirror Everywhere!!!

My golly wow!!! These bags are gorgeous!!! I love the speedy Mirroir!!! Thanks Mrs. T for the "stolen photos"... They're so irresistible, I have to take them coz' I know it would be impossible for me to own the real one... So i'd just settle for these beautiful eye candies... pity me...

Photo Credits: TRESOR: A Day In The Life of a Bag Hag

You guys may be wondering why I haven't updated my blogs... Well it is because of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller). I am in love again!!! He is the cutest/smartest prison I've ever seen!!! 'Been watching the 1st season on dvd these past few nights and I just can't stop from watching...

Right now, I'm itching to watch again... It'll be over in a few days, so I'd just catch up with you guys... Sorry.... He's just too yummy to let go... Teehee...


The Hell With The Diet!!!

Last Friday, my BH brought home a big, Coleman outdoor griller. My gosh, it is huge!!! He is such a food lover... He enjoys cooking, preparing food, grilling, anything about food... So, he planned on having a Saturday Grillin' Party at home and invited a few of our friends...
We had so much fun using the grill. I helped him prepare for the marinades, sauces, dips, and helped set up the table... Here's what we had:

Grilled Pork Chops, Grilled Squid, and Grilled Tilapia (Fish wrapped in foil) My Beloved Toddler saw the squid and kept on calling it "Ursula". She didn't like it... Especially the tentacles.... Teehee.... Another picture of the grill... That's my BH's fingers holding the thong there...

Eating Time!!!

Actually, the grilled food is not much of a sin to a dieter... The real sin is, I had rice!!! My weakness*snicker*!!! Oh how could I eat those irresistible stuff without carbo??? Too bad we Asians were brought up eating rice... And burning carbs require faster metabolism, which means, ugh, ample exercise... pffft! I should've known that when I was around 2 yrs. old!!! Too late... Now that I can't do anything about it, I'd just stick to my original plans.... Enjoy treadmill, and eat less(er) carbs...

Ugh, enough with the crap...

Guess what?! I have a thing with notebooks.... I love journals, diaries, planners, guides, notepads, anything that has lines and could be written on... I actually have a lot of them here beside me, and I'm willing to have more... Here are some cute ones I got from, through the help of Closet Therapy.

I always jot down all the details I see in blogs or sites, so I can easily trace them, and acknowledge the author... This is a helpful tool for me 'coz I keep a lot of passwords and sometimes everything gets mixed up and can't get the right one... This one might help me organize my web surfing...

The Party Journal

I always prepare instant parties at home... Whether it's held in my mom's place or my sister's or mine, I'd always be the one to arrange the party planning... I admit, never was a time that I did not forget any single thing, from dishes to prepare, to table napkins to arrange... So I believe that this journal is a must for every party organizer.

The Restaurant Journal

Since I always go out, dine out, it would be great if I could keep a journal like this... Would work as a record of what I ate, with whom, food prices, and ratings... This one, I think is worth buying, for my lifestyle, I believe so...

Wine Party Guide

This is perfect for Wine Enthusiasts! It comes with wine glass charms, note cards, and coasters. Ummm, too extravagant for me... Plus, it's not my kind of thing...

and lastly,

The Style Planner

This one suits a true Fashionista.... One who's brilliant in mixing and matching, one who prepares her outfit everyday, and one who never re-wears the same whole outfit in a year... Cute idea though...

As I go through, I think I'd settle for the Restaurant Journal... The internet journal is tempting too... So I guess it depends on the budget... But I'd definitely get one *wink*.

Photo Credits:

The Closet Therapy
See Jane Work


My Last Supper(s)

Ok, ok, I admit, I haven't been updating you guys about my Fat Smash Diet... I gave myself enough time to boost up my self esteem, motivation, drive, etc. etc... I had to go through several eating disorders just to help me achieve what I needed before going through my diet. I've been dieting for eons already and have tried all kinds of stuff, but nothing ever worked... That's when I came to realize that the problem doesn't lie on - what I am taking, or doing to lose weight. It is, what do I want for myself! So the only thing that I need, and cannot be bought, is ddddddddetermination....

For the past two weeks, I have indulged myself to eating and bingeing until my buttons pop out. I always thought of food. Ate everything edible. I had Indian, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, American, Filipino, name it, I ate it...

I was too shy to post the pictures of those "eating everything" days because it was literally pigging out... And I don't want you guys to think how gluttonous I am...

Last Wednesday, for the first time in my entire life, I enjoyed using the "Treadmill". I bought this electric treadmill maybe 3 or 4 years ago, tried it a couple of times, but never really liked it... I find it boring and noisy... Or maybe I was busy monitoring my speed, calories, pulse, distance and time, that I find it really slow, as if time wasn't moving... Which reminds me, hey, "A watched pot never boils!"

I realized that the only thing that would make me enjoy the Treadmill is by using an Ipod! So when I was warming up, I played it, and wasn't even aware that I was already hooked on it, singing, and forgetting about the treadmill... It worked!!! Time flew so fast, I felt as if I wanted to stay longer... But, again, I told myself, never, ever tire myself... It happened before, I got so tired, that I didn't want to do it again.... So now, I don't want myself to get too engrossed with the treadmill, I'll just enjoy it, so I won't get sick of it!!!

I have read the Fat Smash Diet Book. I understood it. But I don't want to do it. It is easy to do. But I can't. I can't live with only fruits and veggies for 9 days. I'd die. And doing that would only deprive me of eating what I want and make me lose my self control. So, in other words, it's a no-no.... But, I want to do a part of it... So I would be eating lots of greens, lots of protein, almost 0 carbs, (i said almost not 0), plenty of water, and lots of exercise. That would be my Fat Smasher.

Today is the first day of my diet. The first carb that I ate was a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger at around 4pm... And I want it to be the last for today... Such a big accomplishment!!! Don't laugh peeps... I know you find me sooo shallow... But for me, it's really a big deal!!! I love carbo and white rice is my weakness...

One thing I find odd in this diet - I think I am enjoying it!!!

I am putting up a contest real soon... But you guys have to be patient... I still have to look for a cute prize for you my dear readers... Don't worry, it won't be too much of a hassle to join...

So keep on visiting... I'll be posting the contest proper and the rules in a few days...



Go Mad With Plaid!

The fashion world has gone mad for plaid — the print of the season! There are many ways to wear it — from classic British tartans to more mod-inspired bold graphics. It’s a no-brainer no matter what your style is! Make it modern (not old school) with a swingy plaid skirt, a fitted jacket, a great cape or a sexy silk blouse — and wear it with everything you own , and Voila - Instant update!

Fashion forward trendistas will love a short, pleated plaid skirt (a la the kilt) worn with solid leggings. Or reverse the look with a pair of tartan plaid leggings, paired with a solid skirt and boots.

Article taken from:

Judy Gordon is a New York-based style consultant and the “Today” show’s style editor. She has been covering the fashion and beauty beat for th

e past decade. To learn more about Gordon, you can visit her Web site, which highlights style trends in America and across the world.

I love plaid more than animal prints... But I admit, it's really hard pairing it with tops, bottoms, and accessories...

Ariel Plaid Shorts - Delia's

Mossimo Pants - Target

Montana - Dillard's

Soulmates Glen Plaid - Dillard's

Here are some ideas on how to go Mad with Plaid without looking like you're wearing pj's.

Speechless Plaid - Macy's

Hot Kiss Glen Plaid - Dillard's

Olivia Plaid Skinny Pants

Multi Plaid Easy Care - Dillard's

Speechless Plaid Mini - Macy's

Guess? Jayla Skirt - Macy's

I guess keeping it simple against plaid will be perfect... These models can mix and match, florals and big bold stripes against plaid, but I can't envision myself wearing those... I'd prefer to wear plaid pants with plain black top and pair them with my black patent pumps...


Let's Keep It Straight And Centered

'Been talking lately about make up, shoes, tops, jeans, techs, gift items... What about the hair??? This is a big part of fashion and I love playing up with my hair... Here's what I gathered today...

Hollywood hairstylists wants us to keep it simple, centered, and straight for the coming season. Check this out...

Jennifer Lopez

Beyonce Knowles

Petra Nemcova with James Blunt

Salma Hayek

Mary J. Blige

Molly Sims

Don't know if it works for me... I have a big round face and haven't tried parting at the center... But i will.... Someday... Probably when my bangs grow a little longer...

Photo Credits: Glamour

What's Ur Favor? Tell Me What's Ur Favor???

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Award Nights, or just simple get together parties do need a little "something" to perk up the event. The celebrants/hosts shows appreciation to their guests by giving them stuff to remind them about the event that just presided... These stuff are what we call "favors". Here in Manila, weddings usually happen in December and January. Maybe because this is a tropical country, the weather is a little colder during those months. (We do experience cool wind coming from neighboring countries, i.e., Japan, HK, Korea during their winter season). And of course we don't want our brides soaking in sweat in their wedding gowns... Anyways, while reading one of my fave blogs - Girlfriend's Guide To Fabulous Shopping, she led me to Love, Me website. The site is all about cool gift items, souvenirs, favors, etc. and their ideas are all unique! Here are some of my favorites. I'd be very happy to receive a favor like this from a fete!!!

From a Baby Shower:

A Piggy Bank for my Toddler's Toys Wishlist

Leather Tape Measure
A Linked Photo Bracelet

Colored Tissue Rolls
A Mom Agenda Planner
From a Wedding or Bridal Shower

Mints in Monogrammed Tin Cans

Napkin Rings with Rhinestones

Monogram Compact with Swarovski Crystals

Bag Holder with Swarovski Crystals

A Piggy Bank for my Shoe Wish ListFrom a Stag Party:

A Piggy Bank for my hubby's Drinking Nights Wishlist

For Him and for Her

His and Hers Photo Hook

Mr. and Mrs. PillowcasesHis and Hers Key Holder

Ain't it lovely to give these kind of stuff to people who celebrated with us on our special occassions? I think they are not just ordinary favors, they are a lot useful and yet, pretty, don't you agree???