Eastern Europe Trip Diaries - Manila-Dubai-Prague

You are welcome to read my Eastern Europe Trip Diaries...

On April 16, 2014, we, F4 as we call ourselves (Forever Four) headed to NAIA, the old Manila International Airport.  We expected heavy traffic, so we left around 6pm for our 12am flight.  It was one hectic evening since it is the beginning of a long vacation here in the Philippines.  A big crowd welcomed us as we enter the departure area by 8pm.

Inside, long queues for different airlines were all over the place.  People are getting mad, getting hurt, getting hungry, getting soaked in sweat...  It was real agony...  I feel so bad for the tourists...

Anyway, since we were flying Emirates, (via coach), we were able to check-in online the day before the flight, so our queue was not so bad...  I suggest you do the same, always check if your carrier provides online check in, it minimizes your queuing and waiting time.

We had time to fool around...  Three amongst us were wearing New Balance Sneakers...  Yes, they're bouncy, I didn't feel too much heel pain...

The plane was full, but we were seated at the emergency exits.  Emirates does not charge extra for those seats.

The flight was a little bit delayed, losing 1 hour of our journey...  Arrived Dubai around 6am, layover for about 4 hours.  We were given free food vouchers for the long wait...

Dubai airport is huge, we had to take trains and buses to get to our gates.  It's really busy and crowded, but nevertheless, it is still one of the best airports I've been to.

We finally reached Prague at around 3pm, Manila time around 7pm...  Imagine, we've been on our traveling clothes for 24 hours already...  Another sacrifice...

But then, our lack of sleep and restlessness didn't stop us from exploring Prague!

PG, Marnie, Me, and their goddaughter, Maria (F4)
Because there had been good and bad times for us...  Too many people tried to break our special friendship.  But they didn't succeed...  Because we are Forever Four...  Cheers!!!

Their famous beer in Prague, Pilsner Urquell

St. Vitus Cathedral

This is one of the oldest baroque church in Central Europe.  It's sad that there are many beautiful churches in Europe, especially here in Prague, but 75% of the people here are Atheist.  The remaning 25% are of mixed religion.

When you are in Prague, do visit The Church of the Infant Jesus, or known to us as the Sto. Nino.  He is dressed in lace but made of original porcelain in different colors, and possesses a very beautiful face of a child.

I love Prague.  It is one of the most beautiful cities I've been to...  I'll be back and bring some more love to you...

'Til my next post...  Vienna!!!