The Look At The Red Carpet

Love her newly divorced look...

Simple, Elegant, and Safe

Simple, White, Love her Undone-Look hair

Ummm... Devilish Red... But I don't dig her this time...

Sorry, but didn't like the huge bow

Too feathery...

Love her Grecian Look... From Head to Toe...

So how about you guys??? What do you think???


The Red Carpet

I am so excited to see the Oscars... But not so much with the Academy Awards, more on the Red Carpet... Who's with who, What she's wearing, How's the make up, What about the hair, What's the color of the night, Who's going to be labeled as the worst dressed??? More on that side... teehee... shallow hag...

But honestly, I am pretty excited to see Ellen Degeneres take center stage... I adore her so much, I know, I know, I've said that too many times before...

Anyway, we all know that nominees are given some "goodies" or "lootbags" for the night... I saw one of the stuff being given away, and I find it really, really cute...

It's The Red Carpet Ready - Cherry Colored Lipgloss by Balmshell

The creators of Balmshell are Jennifer and Fiona Lees, Canadian twin sisters whose love for cosmetics led their dreams to reality.
They have created a limited edition lip gloss to include in The Oscars® Nominee Gift Bag. 'Red Carpet Ready' is a sheer cherry red shade that features a special limited edition float art for the red carpet. Balmshell lip glosses are non-sticky, perfume-free and contain lanolin oil, jojoba oil and no artificial preservatives.

What's cute about this is that, these glosses are designed by a world renowned illlustrator, Mar Murube. As soon as you've finished the gloss, you can just unscrew the designed part of the bottle and attach it to the keychain that comes with the package. So you get to keep the Mar Murube creation!!! Cute eh????


Post Valentine Post

Sorry if this post seems to be 2 weeks late... I don't know why I forgot to tell you about this... Actually, this is just simple bragging, teehee... Forgive me, I find it fulfilling to brag about my friends' and cousins' stuff.

Last Feb. 14, my beloved husband gave me a Tiramisu Cake. I thought it was so sweet of him to give me something, on a cheezy Valentine's Day. Actually, he knows that I love flowers, but I used to tell him before that flowers are so expensive during Valentine's and I don't want him to spend so much since we can always buy fresh flowers on regular days... They're just there for a week, then, that's it.... Goodbye...

So I had a sweet Valentine's Day...

But this one I'm going to share with you guys is something I can never, ever receive from my beloved husband...

Woooohooooo!!!! A 2.55 a Gold Chanel Classic Quilted Bag...

A Valentine gift of my cousin BBC for JCC, my dear cousin in law, one of my very best friends. This just shows how much he values JCC, for being such a dear friend and a good wife for my cousin BBC... How sweeeeeet!!!!


This Time, It's A Boy!!!

Just had my ultrasound yesterday... Beloved hubby was so super duper uber happy after finding out that we're having a baby boy this time. You guys have no idea how amazed we are for the wonderful miracles and blessings that's been showered to us. Don't want to sound so religious, but hey... It is HE, the One up above who never ceased looking upon us and keeps on giving us beautiful blessings... Thank You So Much!!!


Which IT Bag Are You?

I took this test through Philosophical Style and I turned out to be an Hermes Birkin Bag... Well at least eventhough I know I couldn't afford it, I can still behave like I do have one!!! Hehehehe, pity me...

If you want to know which IT Bag you are, click on the picture below:

I'd be glad to know the results!!!

Credits: Philosophical Style ,


The Next BIG Things

Neiman Marcus has just launched the 10 Hottest Big Things that are coming our way this year. I find these collection ultimately feminine. Gone are the days of boyish looks and low waist pants. Now, It's about statement, emphasis, definition, curves, legs, and skin...

1. Dresses

Dresses are hot now. They're so chic, sexy, and feminine.

Sheer Shift Dress - Tracy Reese

Baby Doll Dress - Jean Paul Gaultier

2. Delicate Blouses

Also feminine, yet can be paired with super hot pencil skirts, sexy cigarette pants or even high waisted trouser pants.

Ruffled Blouse - Roberto Cavalli

Silk Georgette Blouse

3. Cropped Jackets

Very appropriate for Spring, not so heavy, not so light... Just right...

Bow Front Jacket

Cropped Leather

4. Flat Shoes

Let's go Comfy and Trendy

Patent Ballerina - Prada

Leopard Ballet Flats - Dolce and Gabbana

5. Something Silver

Gold has been here for 5 years already... It's now time to make that change... Go for silver...

Corset Belt

Lucite Wedge

6. Wide Belts

Emphasize your slim waist... Go for wide belts!

Black Patent Belt

7. Patent

Still "IN" this season...

Patent Fendi Flats
Patent Thong Sandal - Prada

8. Eyelet

Surprised??? Well, it's about time we wear something dainty, fresh looking, and feminine this Summer...

Floral Eyelet Dress

Nanette Lepore Eyelet Dress

9. Above The Knee Hemlines

Simple and plain dresses and skirts are best defined by hemlines...

Floral Mini Dress

Pocket Skirt

10. Statement Rings

Express yourself! Rings complete a simple and elegant outfit...

Trapezoid Cut Turquoise

Carnelian Ring

What are we waiting for??? Let's go grab some of these hotties now!!!


Ballet Flats

Thank God these shoes are preggy friendly... I can't wear even an inch high coz' I get tired easily... Tory Burch's collection are really nice and trendy, but, they are priced quite high... Nevertheless, let's take a peek... Here's one of my favorites...

Yesterday, I ran into these black, patent, ballet flats...

They were on sale, from $100 to $65... I didn't have any second thoughts, bought them instantly after trying them on...

Actually, there are plenty of available designs in the market today... Animal prints, Polka Dots, name it... But I only buy "tried and tested" brands... I used to buy cheap but trendy designs , but I always end up throwing them away because it caused pain when walking... And the blisters... Ouch... You guys know what I mean??? The one I bought is an Italian brand... I have several shoes of the same brand so I must say that these ballet flats won't cause me pain...

So... What do you guys think of my new ballet flats??? Was it a steal or a splurge???


Ellen for W Magazine

I'm sure by now you already know that I'm a big fan of Ellen... I find her show very light and uplifting. Ellen is such a natural host, makes fun of herself most of the time... That's why she makes me laugh and makes me want to dance.

Beautiful things coming her way now... It is because she is truly a beautiful person with a beautiful heart... And now, aside from being the host for the upcoming Academy Awards, she'll gracing the front page of W Magazine... Wheeeowww!!!!

Here's a stolen header from the Magazine, courtesy of

Photo credits:


Pink in Spring

I don't think I could pull this off... Pinkish shade makes my face look a lot darker... So for you peeps who luckily has fair and flawless skin, this is the chicest lips for spring!!! Lancôme Le Rouge Absolu in Proenza Pink, a milky pink shade inspired by the one seen on all the models at the Proenza Schouler Spring 2007 runway presentation last fall. Like this...

Proenza Pink will be available in limited quantities this March at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

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Fashion Trends for 2007

Many of us wonder how long will the skinny jeans partake in the world of fashion. Here are some tips from the Fashion Experts...

Skinny will still be around, but wide legs are really making a comeback

Low waist is being replaced by a more natural waist to high waist

High waist trousers, wide legs, men's inspired fabrics like pinstripes, tweed, wool

Colored denim in red, deep purples is supposed to be hot

Extreme lengths; floor length dresses and tiny mini skirts

Tent and trapeze dresses, think 1960's

Big dramatic sleeves

Looser cuts in dresses and jackets

Hot colors; burgundy, blue, green, gold, eggplant

Beads, appliqué, and embroidery in metallics

Accessories; structured bags, fedoras, greens will be big

Speaking of high-waisted trouser pants, I remember Jennifer Lopez's outfit when she guested Ellen Degeneres' Show last February 2. I actually love her look!!! Here, take a peek...

Ain't she gorgeous???



Cuffs are bold & geometric this time around, a perfect accessory to your wardrobe right now and in the spring. You know that bold & primary colors are coming in the spring, and chunky bracelets are no exception to this new rule.

My personal favorite is the gold cuff, but black & white is equally trendy. I have searched some single thin bangles and large cuffs, as the same rule apply to both!

Pearl and Crystal Gold Cuff

Trendy Animal Print Leather Cuffs

Gold with Garnet Stones

Jet Black and Crystal Cuff
Brown Cuff with Crystals

Chamak White Bangles

Chamak Bangles Gold

Coral Cuff

Cabochon Cuff

I love 'em all!!! If you guys want to check them out, and look for some other bangles and cuffs, click here. Consider this your must-have jewelry piece of the moment!