Doctor Fish, Doctor Fish...

I heard about the Fish Spa we have here in Manila Ocean Park... The process is about flesh-eating fish to exfoliate dead skin and callouses.

Now, in Turkey, Japan, China, and Korea, the trend is moving up the body. According to Trend Hunter, man-eating fish spas have long been a popular staple in places in those places and is increasing in popularity. And why not? As you bathe in the hot water where these Garra Rufa fish naturally dwell, swarms of the tiny swimmers pick away the dead skin leaving behind healthy, soft skin. Just think—we would never have to buy a scrub again! It's completely safe (since the fish only feed on dead skin) and users claim it's not painful, but that you feel a "tingling sensation." Plus, it's particularly useful for those who suffer from psoriasis.

It sounds good but I don't think I can take it, the 2nd picture grosses me out... How about you guys, would you do this for the sake of having soft skin?


I want to go Wi-Fi

I've been a Palm Treo user for more than 5 years, I guess... Tried a couple of times to change, but kept on coming back...
Now, this, iLike...

The Palm® Treo™ 800w smartphone

gives you everything you need to keep up with the hectic pace of mobile life. Simply touch a button for Wi-Fi. Read Outlook® email as it arrives. Or use GPS and get directions to that last-minute meeting. Palm shortcuts and a touchscreen put everything from the web to work documents right at your fingertips. It’s the smartphone that works at the speed of you.

Mobilize email, information, and applications for your workforce while holding down training and support costs.


Marnie's Thai Birthday

Santi (DC) told us that Dusit Thani Hotel (formerly Dusit Nikko)
was renovated and that he had dinner at it's famous
Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant...

Marnie thought that since she wants to celebrate her birthday differently, this would be a great place to treat our coffee/travel friends because we have plans of visiting Thailand in November... So this might be considered as a sampler for most of us who haven't been to Bangkok...

I loved its spacious lobby...

I loved its spiral staircase...

I loved Benjarong's interior...

I loved the food...

Pad Thai Gung
Thai Rice Noodles with Prawns, Egg, Bean Curd and Bean Sprouts
(Php 420.00)

Yam Som O

Pomelo Salad with Chicken and Shrimp
(Php 180.00)

Thord Man Gung

Deep Fried Shrimp Cake with Light Curry Flavor
(Php 400.00)

Steamed Thai Rice

Served in Dinner Plates covered with Cone-shaped Banana leaf

Thai Iced Tea

We also had their famous soup, the Tom Yam Gung, around Php 320.00, their version of our Sinigang, a really sour hot soup, a little spicy, but is really good.

The Pla Krapong Jian Nam Makham - Fried Seabass in Tamarind Sauce, one of their bestsellers, fillet of Seabass in sweet and sour sauce,
Php 450.00

My favorite, a must try - the Phad Phak Khana Moo Krob, Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli Leaves with Crispy Pork (Php 280.00)

Kaeng Karee Kai Haeng
Dried Yellow Curry Chicken Drumstick - Php 280.00

Phanaeng Moo/Gai
Pork in Thick Red Curry Sauce and Crushed Peanuts - Php 320.00

Nuea Yang Nam Tok
Grilled Beef with Sweet and Sour Chili Sauce - Php 300.00
one of my favorites too

But what I really loved about Dusit is, the entire hotel and its restaurants and coffee shops are at 32% off! I think the promo runs until this weekend so you better grab it real soon... For more details, you can call their hotline (63)-2-8673333 Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila.

Funny thing, now I realized how much our friends know Marnie... Almost all of them wrote the same messages on their cards... That they couldn't think of anything to give a person who has everything...

So Santi and Anna gave this for her Sweet Tooth (Teeth)

Classic Confection's Banana Cream Pie

Trevor and Michelle gave this... (for her sweet teeth)

Gateau De Crepe

Soft cream in layers and layers of crepe, and we paired it with
Haagen Dazs' Coffee Ice Cream, I swear, this is to die for...

Mark and Aihleen gave a gift certificate at
Cinese Foot Massage and Reflexology - whose licensed therapists all came from the mainland, China...

It's really fun celebrating intimate birthdays with small group of friends instead of hosting a big party full of people wearing masks...

All photos are courtesy of Pedro Gerardo Silo

(click photo to see more of his artwork)
Thank you for loving my Ate (sister) as much I love her...

Thank you!!!


I Will Survive Dance Heads

Eto pa isa!!! With my cousins Pinky and Amy... Ang sexy ko dito...

La Bamba Dance Heads

This video was captured last June 8, during my nephew's and niece's birthday at Palm Country Club... This is me, PJ - my brother, and Paolo... Tell me what you think...?!?


Balikbayans Make Me Fat(ter)

Since June 21, I have been eating out with my sisters, non-stop... I doubt if my 1 year old baby still know who his mom is... My hubby also asks me when he's going to see me, I told him, he should've made appointments beforehand...

My sis' vacation is only 12 days... We just had to make the most out of it... Time flew so fast that on Sunday, she's leaving us again... The only thing that could make me "not cry" is to just think that the "eating days are over"... That I could go back to my old routine and South Beach Diet (which eventually turned to North Beach, jokes)...

Last Tuesday, we treated them at Pepper Lunch...

As I always say, I belong to the Chuvaness Army... Though I haven't seen her IRL... We do exchange comments on our sites but never got to be really acquainted... Somehow I had the impression that Cecile (Chuvaness) is a "socialite", and someone who doesn't speak Tagalog - it is because she is happily married to a Dutch Chef - Jeroen Van Straten...

Anyways, as I was guiding the Balikbayans on how to prep their steak, I saw Cecile and Chef Jeroen enter and talked to fine looking women across our table... I waited for Cecile to glance at our direction as I really planned on introducing myself to her... When she finally did, I waved at her and she walked at our table, I said, hi Cecile, I'm Jin... And guess what she said?!? Barrameda??? Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to faint... She knew my family name!!! When I said yes, she sat beside us and made a little chica... We told her that she's nice pala and she said, "oo naman, i am jologs, noh"... She is really, really funny...

When we were about to leave, she asked if I would like to have a picture with Jeroen... It is because I told her that my 6 year old daughter had a crush on him, (pinasa pa sa anak)... I was really hesitant because Jeroen looked busy, and of course, he's a private individual, not a celebrity, plus, he's white, I don't know if it is annoying for him to do so... But Jeroen stood and went up to me, we shook hands, and posed for the camera... He even bent down so that we could fit in the frame because he is really tall... After the shot, he said, one more, it may not work, and he looks really cool!!!
Now I have 2 pictures with him...

The most amazing part is when we said goodbye, he kissed me... Hayyyyy.... Nakakahiya because I said, oh my God, may kiss pa ako!!! Shocks, I forgot he doesn't speak Tagalog...

I heart this couple. They made my day...