Doctor Fish, Doctor Fish...

I heard about the Fish Spa we have here in Manila Ocean Park... The process is about flesh-eating fish to exfoliate dead skin and callouses.

Now, in Turkey, Japan, China, and Korea, the trend is moving up the body. According to Trend Hunter, man-eating fish spas have long been a popular staple in places in those places and is increasing in popularity. And why not? As you bathe in the hot water where these Garra Rufa fish naturally dwell, swarms of the tiny swimmers pick away the dead skin leaving behind healthy, soft skin. Just think—we would never have to buy a scrub again! It's completely safe (since the fish only feed on dead skin) and users claim it's not painful, but that you feel a "tingling sensation." Plus, it's particularly useful for those who suffer from psoriasis.

It sounds good but I don't think I can take it, the 2nd picture grosses me out... How about you guys, would you do this for the sake of having soft skin?

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david said...

I assist people in setting up fish pedicures at home