What's Ur Favor? Tell Me What's Ur Favor???

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Award Nights, or just simple get together parties do need a little "something" to perk up the event. The celebrants/hosts shows appreciation to their guests by giving them stuff to remind them about the event that just presided... These stuff are what we call "favors". Here in Manila, weddings usually happen in December and January. Maybe because this is a tropical country, the weather is a little colder during those months. (We do experience cool wind coming from neighboring countries, i.e., Japan, HK, Korea during their winter season). And of course we don't want our brides soaking in sweat in their wedding gowns... Anyways, while reading one of my fave blogs - Girlfriend's Guide To Fabulous Shopping, she led me to Love, Me website. The site is all about cool gift items, souvenirs, favors, etc. and their ideas are all unique! Here are some of my favorites. I'd be very happy to receive a favor like this from a fete!!!

From a Baby Shower:

A Piggy Bank for my Toddler's Toys Wishlist

Leather Tape Measure
A Linked Photo Bracelet

Colored Tissue Rolls
A Mom Agenda Planner
From a Wedding or Bridal Shower

Mints in Monogrammed Tin Cans

Napkin Rings with Rhinestones

Monogram Compact with Swarovski Crystals

Bag Holder with Swarovski Crystals

A Piggy Bank for my Shoe Wish ListFrom a Stag Party:

A Piggy Bank for my hubby's Drinking Nights Wishlist

For Him and for Her

His and Hers Photo Hook

Mr. and Mrs. PillowcasesHis and Hers Key Holder

Ain't it lovely to give these kind of stuff to people who celebrated with us on our special occassions? I think they are not just ordinary favors, they are a lot useful and yet, pretty, don't you agree???


paz said...

great ideas!

ms MS said...

ooooohhhh, I love those ideas! they're so cute & very useful. Nice! Nice!

jcc said...

i love the mr and mrs pillowcases! sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!