What's With The Bone?

Johnny Depp may have started something. In his movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” the trademark of a skull-and-crossbones is suddenly everywhere.

I guess everyone in New York and Hollywood now are wearing skulls on their belts, bag charms, shirts, caps, jackets, sneakers, and even earrings!!! I find it creepy actually... But I guess they really love wearing Skulls!!! This was written on

Skinny celebrities like Lindsay Lohan are finding new ways to flaunt their bones as grim reaper fashion statements breathe life into this season's hottest trends.

While boho chic is out, death is very in. Fashion pioneerSienna Miller has been seen accessorizing everything from jeans to dresses with a $450 Alexander McQueen skull-and-crossbones scarf.

Lohan, Ashlee Simpson, Kate Moss, Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicky Hilton and Nicole Richie are also partial to the McQueen scarf — Lohan has hers in three colors, according to In Touch Weekly.

Even ladylike starlet Mischa Barton has been seen wearing a silver skull charm by Me&Ro.

The McQueen scarf is printed on really fine silk and comes in beautiful colors," said Life and Style magazine senior fashion writer Julie Ann Orsini, a fan of the Skeletor trend. "I own a McQueen scarf. It's really pretty and feminine. It mixes elements of both hard and soft," she added. The skeletal scarf is so in demand that Hodgson went out looking for one, only to find they were sold out. "The only place I could find one was on eBay and people were bidding as much as $800 for it," she said.

Like McQueen, Dior's Spring 2006 line seemed inspired by the underworld. Morticia Addams-like dresses and $18,000 skull pendants captured the essence of this not-so-cheerful trend.

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Uhhhmmm.... I don't see these skulls here in Manila in the next 2 months... For Halloween!!!

Who's the next NYC Model??? Jeeezzzz... I love you, McDreamy!!!!Photo Credits: New York & Company
Sullivan Street Slim Pant & City Stretch Tunic

Just watched "The Devil Wears Prada"... Please, forgive me... I know you guys know where and how I got this movie, but who can resist??? It's there! Right in front of my face, and I couldn't walk out of that store without buying that dvd... Anyway, the movie's good... I must say, I enjoyed watching it than reading it... I Loooovvve Merryl Streep... The character fit her really well as Miranda... Anne Hathaway did a good job too... The story is basically simple... For me, what made it really Big was the overall production-the outfits and accessories worn by all characters-whoa, you could literally salivate!!!

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Definitely a thumbs up for me...


Ms MS said...

WOW!!! i love your blog today, more fashion pls.....!! Yes, I've seen skulls all over now. Heya....that's my Mcdreamy!

jcc said...

i agree, you would really literally salivate..... but bec of mcdreamy