The Top 10 Must Haves!

As I re-read all my emails before putting them to trash, this one caught my eye... The 2006 Fall Fashion Top 10!!! All photos courtesy of

1. Show Some Knee: My goolly... Yes I could show them but only when I'm home!!!

2. Minimize: When all you have to bring are 2 the most important things in your life! Lipgloss and Cellphone!!! So cuuuutttte!!!!

3. Go Higher!

4. Oversize!!! - I love big, large bags!!!

5. Sail Away!!! - Nautica is still hot!!!

6. Show your waist! - Now is the time to emphasize the curves!!!

7. Go Higher and Higher!!!

8. She's not nude, she is in Nude... Really, really hot color!!!

9. And again, slim is IN! Uggghhh... hurts a lllotttt!!!

and finally...

10. The Doll Dress - Get Lacey!!!


jcc said...

the doll dress is cuuuuuuuutttttteeeeee!!!!

Ms. MS said...

Of course, I love the bags......Oversized or small bags, LOVE IT!!!!