Goyard Addict

When I posted my Powder Blue Fidji Goyard, I got a comment from a reader who really loves Goyard... She said she has a "little" collection of those and I asked her if she could send me some pics... It was so nice of her to get out of her way just to take photos of her bag and arrange them... Sorry DAC...

Anyways, after a week or two, I got an email from her and here it is... I am soooo drooling with envy... Love her "little" collection!!!

Did you see that little "d" at the lower part of her yellow St. Louis??? Cute!!! But my favorite is her black Jeanne... Look at that crown... Oh well... Hope I can afford those candies... DAC, all those bags are for keeps... The St. Louis bag is a nice shopping bag too... So don't be too hard on yourself... You may be working too hard and you need to reward yourself sometimes...

Oh by the way, this is just the "Goyard" section... Wait 'til we see her entire bag collection...


The Green Bags

Hey guys.... Sorry for the long absence of posts... 'been really busy with work these days, can't wait til' November 6th, the day of our surveillance... Well, that's what keeping me toxic, so I won't talk about it here in my blog...

I want to talk about the "Green Bags"... I am just so happy that many people do support this movement... SM Supermarket has launched the "Green Bag", wherein you get a FREE GreenBag for a minimum single-receipt purchase of P500 worth of yellow-tag items, when you use your Citibank, and earn 2 points on your SM Advantage card when you shop with the GreenBag. At least, they encourage us consumers, the act of "Recycling"...

I just don't understand why some people use the Anya Bag "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" as their personal bags, go shopping, and yet, carry disposable plastic bags... Somehow it doesn't serve its real purpose...

Last week, I bought an Aldo Shoe...

What delighted me, was the big reusable shopping bag that came with it... I didn't ask for the shoe box anymore... I had a little shopping, and didn't ask for plastic bags, spoils the idea... I just threw everything in my Aldo shopping bag... Surprisingly, I felt good that, in my own, shallow, teeny weeny, little way, I have supported the movement...

From now on, I'll bring my own "Green" bag whenever I go shopping... How about you guys??? Ever thought of having one???


If The Shoe Fits...

Sometimes, if the shoe fits, I buy it. But as what the author of this book said, "just because a shoe is cute and it fits, doesn't mean you should buy it and wear it"... What we don't realize is that, what type of shoe we wear can dramatically affect how our legs look. Danica Lo, author of How Not to Look Fat offers tips about what shoes look best on different leg types. She says,

"The basic rule is simple: the chunkier the leg, the chunkier the heel ought to be. It's all about proportions. It's also all about shunning ankle straps, which "sever" your leg at your ankle. They make your legs look shorter."

Thanks to this wonderful author... I will never buy shoes with ankle straps from now on... Read on below for some more info... I find this dictionary very helpful and interesting...

Dictionary of Shoes

Chunky Heel Pump: The rule is: The chunkier the leg, the chunkier the heel.

Slingback: In a fleshtone color, this shoe is sexy and slimming.
Stiletto Slide: Pick one that's cut lower in front to lengthen your leg line
and show off your cute toes.

Bad Mule: Cut too high, mules have leg shortening effect.

UGG Boot: The bigger the shoe, the thinner your leg will look.

Good Mule: Cut lower, the mule is a graceful, ladylike shoe
that won't break up the line of your leg.

D'Orsay Pump: The ultimate skinny shoe.

Bad Mary Jane: Ankle straps "sever" the leg from the foot
and make legs look shorter and wider.

Sculpted Heels: They can enhance the grace of a thick ankle.
Ballet Flat: Lower cut is more leg lengthening and more flattering.

I think I can only go for the Chunky Heels Pump and the Sculpted Heels Shoe... Not too many choices though... How about you guys??? Which ones are for your leg type???


Lace It Up!

When this hits Manila, that would be a very big problem for me...

I love, love ankle boots, tights, and short dresses... I really like SJP's outfit... But honestly, for now, it would be impossible for me to pull that off... For my height and type of body shape, lace up ankle boots and short skirts definitely belong to "the don't" group... Oohhh, too bad...


How About A Helicopter?

Hey guys, I know some of you are now into Hermes... Be it a Birkin, a Kelly, a Victoria, a Lindy, or whatever... We all believe that Hermes is "The Bag"... That's it...

So how about riding an Hermes Helicopter???

Well, the helicopter maker, Eurocopter, have partnered with Hermès to make a special version of their EC 135 and named it l’Hélicoptère par Hermès.

The EC135 is twin engined multimission helicopter designed for civil use, it has a spacious cabin which can accommodate up to five passengers plus a pilot as well as several pieces of luggage. L’Hélicoptère par Hermès is a standard EC 135 technically but the interior was designed by Hermès with guidance from Eurocopter’s engineers. The interior features Hermès calf leather

seats and leather trimmed controls, the cabin is enclosed in Hermès canvas and comes with binoculars so the passengers can view the scenery from above.

Allons voler! Let's go fly!!! Hope the google translation really works... heehee...




What's new?

It's been more than a week since I last had my blog updated... Sorry about that peeps... 'been really busy with work, grrrr!!!

So what's new??? Can you believe, I wasn't able to surf the net for almost 2 weeks? Yeah, too bad, I felt that I've lost connection to the real world... And now... ahhhh, weekend... I have time to surf, chat, and of course, update you guys... Though I really have nothing interesting to tell you, heehee, sorry...

Well, I just thought I'd share you some of the latest gossips I caught, perhaps you all heard about these:

Gosh, I would love to be on that plane... Well actually, this is not the actual plane, but would be very similar to this... It's a Boeing 757 that will carry the reunited girl group and shall accommodate both the diva and child. Plus, of course, the entourage! In addition to a makeup parlor and kids room with cribs, the plane also has a dining room, business center, bathrooms, a media center and sleeping quarters.

The Spice girls aboard shall be flying with their families, management, assistants and bodyguards. Also on board will be chefs, nannies and assorted VIP types. Two more Jets, nicknamed the Spice Force Two and the Spice Force Three shall board all the dancers, staff, and other stage people.

All told, the Spice Girls will reportedly spend between £7million and £ 10million moving
themselves and their entourage around the world... Wheow!!!!



SATC The Movie

I can still remember how glad I felt when I accidentally tuned in to HBO and saw Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City looking so fab in the streets of New York... I remembered the tv show "Square Pegs"...

It was one of my favorite shows when I was, I think, 12??? Yes, I was 12, just checked on the site, and it was shown in 1982, and yes, I'm old...

Now, you can just imagine how excited I am to see SATC The Movie. Here's a glimpse of the next blockbuster...

This is how they'd look like in the movie...

SJP shares a laugh with Willie Garson, who plays her friend Stanford Blatch

A pregnant Kristin Davis with Mr. Big on her side

Director Michael Patrick King and SJP, look at those shoes...

A crowd gathers on Fifth Ave. hoping to catch a glimpse of the filming.

Jeezzz, can't wait!!! This reminds me of how many people on "Friendster" claim that SATC's their favorite TV show, whereas they type "Sex In The City"... huhhh???


IMDB - The Internet Movie Database

NY Daily News


Shallow Hag

I don't know if I'm overreacting, but I always get "high" whenever I have a new bag... Yes, a Bag... Shallow, ain't I??? But I really am so excited whenever I use my bags especially if it's the first time... Last night, I got this...

Me and My Goyard Fidji

Ummmm, yummy... I'm so happy, I get high... She's sitting in front of me as I type this (in my office). Jeez, can't believe I'm really doing this, hahahaha!!!

But guys, it does look good on jeans... And since I am a jeans person, I feel that it is worth buying... I love, love it!!! How about you guys, don't you get high whenever you have a new loot???