If The Shoe Fits...

Sometimes, if the shoe fits, I buy it. But as what the author of this book said, "just because a shoe is cute and it fits, doesn't mean you should buy it and wear it"... What we don't realize is that, what type of shoe we wear can dramatically affect how our legs look. Danica Lo, author of How Not to Look Fat offers tips about what shoes look best on different leg types. She says,

"The basic rule is simple: the chunkier the leg, the chunkier the heel ought to be. It's all about proportions. It's also all about shunning ankle straps, which "sever" your leg at your ankle. They make your legs look shorter."

Thanks to this wonderful author... I will never buy shoes with ankle straps from now on... Read on below for some more info... I find this dictionary very helpful and interesting...

Dictionary of Shoes

Chunky Heel Pump: The rule is: The chunkier the leg, the chunkier the heel.

Slingback: In a fleshtone color, this shoe is sexy and slimming.
Stiletto Slide: Pick one that's cut lower in front to lengthen your leg line
and show off your cute toes.

Bad Mule: Cut too high, mules have leg shortening effect.

UGG Boot: The bigger the shoe, the thinner your leg will look.

Good Mule: Cut lower, the mule is a graceful, ladylike shoe
that won't break up the line of your leg.

D'Orsay Pump: The ultimate skinny shoe.

Bad Mary Jane: Ankle straps "sever" the leg from the foot
and make legs look shorter and wider.

Sculpted Heels: They can enhance the grace of a thick ankle.
Ballet Flat: Lower cut is more leg lengthening and more flattering.

I think I can only go for the Chunky Heels Pump and the Sculpted Heels Shoe... Not too many choices though... How about you guys??? Which ones are for your leg type???


Pat said...

I got ur link through Fat Girl and Thin Girl blog. Love ur fashion entries anyway :o) BTW, I'm Pat from Thailand.

Talking about shoes here, i think own most kind of that. However, I can't stand that bad mule. I dun see how people can wear that and still pull it! Oh well, just me ;o)

McDreamer said...

Hi Pat! Thanks for visiting...