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It's been more than a week since I last had my blog updated... Sorry about that peeps... 'been really busy with work, grrrr!!!

So what's new??? Can you believe, I wasn't able to surf the net for almost 2 weeks? Yeah, too bad, I felt that I've lost connection to the real world... And now... ahhhh, weekend... I have time to surf, chat, and of course, update you guys... Though I really have nothing interesting to tell you, heehee, sorry...

Well, I just thought I'd share you some of the latest gossips I caught, perhaps you all heard about these:

Gosh, I would love to be on that plane... Well actually, this is not the actual plane, but would be very similar to this... It's a Boeing 757 that will carry the reunited girl group and shall accommodate both the diva and child. Plus, of course, the entourage! In addition to a makeup parlor and kids room with cribs, the plane also has a dining room, business center, bathrooms, a media center and sleeping quarters.

The Spice girls aboard shall be flying with their families, management, assistants and bodyguards. Also on board will be chefs, nannies and assorted VIP types. Two more Jets, nicknamed the Spice Force Two and the Spice Force Three shall board all the dancers, staff, and other stage people.

All told, the Spice Girls will reportedly spend between £7million and £ 10million moving
themselves and their entourage around the world... Wheow!!!!


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