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I wonder what shade of lipstick Drew wears in this cover of InStyle Magazine.

Photo Credits: InStyle

Browsing through the net, I came across the "Behind The Scenes" photo shoot of this particular cover, and I discovered that she used Stila Lip Glaze and Make Up Forever.

Which reminds me, Make Up Forever is opening its doors in one of the newest malls in Quezon City, Philippines... The Block... Whoa... Another beauty store invading our country!!! I believe it'll be open this September...

And you know what else she used in this photoshoot?

A Dry Shampoo... Honestly, never heard of it... looked it up, and it's sold in Walgreens for, around $6.00, it's like shampooing without water...

I think this is a good solution for a "Bad Hair Day"... It happens to me often, don't know what the problem is, maybe I use wrong brushes when blow drying, or maybe I stroke my hair in wrong directions.

I'm really curious, would this Dry Shampoo "re-shape" my blow-dried hair?

And it also claims that it's a "Quick Fresher Upper For Hair"... Don't know what it means though? Will I feel freshen up after spraying it?? Hmmmm... I think I ought to try this one... Hey, niece in Vegas, maybe you could steal one for me huh???

Also on InStyle: Marc Jacobs Patent and Wool Leather Mary Janes

These are beeeeeeyoooootiful!!!!

I love Mary Janes ... First, I think they're so feminine, Second, I never felt any discomfort wearing Mary Janes, Third, they're sooo cute... but uh-oh... $380.00

I prefer to look at its picture instead... Teehee...


Sarah said...

i love the mary janes, too bad the price tag is attached :)

Frapp said...

Oh Wow, I LOVE those Mary Janes!!!

jcc said...

love those shoes, really, i love it, except for the price

Gort said...

amazing shoes-- and cool blog.