Fashion Trends for 2007

Many of us wonder how long will the skinny jeans partake in the world of fashion. Here are some tips from the Fashion Experts...

Skinny will still be around, but wide legs are really making a comeback

Low waist is being replaced by a more natural waist to high waist

High waist trousers, wide legs, men's inspired fabrics like pinstripes, tweed, wool

Colored denim in red, deep purples is supposed to be hot

Extreme lengths; floor length dresses and tiny mini skirts

Tent and trapeze dresses, think 1960's

Big dramatic sleeves

Looser cuts in dresses and jackets

Hot colors; burgundy, blue, green, gold, eggplant

Beads, appliqué, and embroidery in metallics

Accessories; structured bags, fedoras, greens will be big

Speaking of high-waisted trouser pants, I remember Jennifer Lopez's outfit when she guested Ellen Degeneres' Show last February 2. I actually love her look!!! Here, take a peek...

Ain't she gorgeous???


Ms MS said...

Skinny jeans look good to some women, but not for me. Good thing, wide leg is making a comeback! I love trouser jeans..

Sarah said...

great post!