Prison (Heart) Break!

'Been depressed lately... And I'm crazy to admit why... I am 6 episodes behind Prison Break!!!Yeah, yeah, that's how much I love him! Can't get him outta' my system... Jeez... This is really bad... haha... shallow fellow!

Oh well, this is Manila... And they ain't showing all the TV shows presently running in the US, not until ummm, maybe 6 months??? boohoo... what a pity...

Good thing there's a thing called "download"!

I've downloaded a few though, so tonight, *wide-eyed* I am prepped to watch the first 4 episodes of Season 2! You guys already know what happened that
night when they did the "escape thing" and here I am, clueless, helpless, uggghhh...

The past few days had been hectic (toxic) would've been a better word! Too much pressure on work, grrrr!!! Hey, can't believe I'm talking about work here... Well, anyway, that's the second of the three reasons why I haven't touched my blogger page, and the third, I had some personal family matters to focus on... You guys already know the first reason, it's Stinky!!! Dang!!! What did you do to McDreamer??? I don't think I could ever change my blog name to McStinker!!! Teehee!!!

Well anyway, I got the chance to see some of my cousins last week... And to my surprise, I found an equally insane, true-blooded, Wentworth fan... That's my beloved cuz CWT... She shared some of her info about him and made me realize how ignorant I am about Stinky... Here goes:

Wentworth Earl Miller III

Nickname/s: Stinky, Went, Miller
Height: 6'1" (1.85m)
Birthplace: United Kingdom
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
College: Princeton University
Course: English Literature
Color of Eyes: Left - Green ; Right - Hazel
Allergies: Cats, Dogs, and certain foods
Father: African, Jamaican, English, German descent
Mother: Russian, French, Ductch, Syrian, Lebanese descent

No wonder he's gorgeous!!!

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