Okie Dokie, tokidoki!

Tresor featured these bags recently... I love the tokidoki Le Sport Sac Fall 2006 Collection. The prices aren't that expensive, and their designs are
quite cute and functional...

LeSportsac is excited to introduce the latest tokidoki for LeSportsac collection for Fall 2006. The new line continues to fuse together the fashion forward fun and chic utility of LeSportsac with the imaginative and provocative world of tokidoki. tokidoki’s designer, Simone Legno, delves deeper into the tokidoki world with new prints created from a vibrant color palette and played out by new characters designed exclusively for LeSportsac. Also new this season are never-before-seen-silhouettes designed in tokidoki for LeSportsac’s signature chic utilitarian style.

tokidoki for LeSportsac splits the Fall season between the city, Città and the jungle, Foresta, to create two complementary prints that illustrate the tokidoki lifestyle. Città is all about travel with the ubiquitous and sexy tokidoki girls speeding around on motorcycles, making plans on their cell phones and hailing taxis. Città is futuristic, clean and contemporary, with an energetic vibe that is contagious and fun. Compact cars cruise along rainbows, cutesy planes zoom by mischievous blimps, carefully dodging the flying tokidoki superheroes and the world passes by with a wink of a tokidoki eye. Available in modern gray tones, Città, or a girly hot pink, Città Rosa, will take you on a journey to over-the-top fun.

Foresta takes a fresh and playful approach to Fall, introducing new and lively tokidoki characters from the animal kingdom. Koi fish, crabs, frogs and monkeys play together in the jungle, inviting us to join them. tokidoki’s dichotomous sense of humor weaves its way through the trees and rivers with poisonous mushrooms mixed with magic mushrooms, baby monkeys climbing on serpents and bluebirds cavorting with killer candy.

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Le Sport Sac

Last week, I saw them at Rustan's... (The Philippines' Neiman Marcus-I guess...?) They're so cute...

I'm sure I would be adding one on my wishlist... Let's have a
closer look at some of them...

The Bocce
4.5 x 5 x 2.5 in.

The Stellina

8 x 10 x 4.5 in.

The Caramella
5 x 9 in.

The CittaThey also have something for the Frequent Flyers...

The Luna
9.75 x 18 x 9.75 in.

The Trenino
12 x 15.5 x 7.5 in.

This is the one Chuvaness recently bought in HK... And I think it suits her lifestyle... *smirk*-envious... Teehee...

I want to call them Happy Bags.... They're so cute, colorful, and I believe that it brings out the youth of the person wearing it...

What do you guys think???


Le Sport Sac


ms MS said...

Yes! I saw these bags....sooo cute!

jcc said...

i gotta have one!!!