PAL is still my choice

Whenever we travel, I always choose to fly PAL.  And I almost always fly coach.  The price of business class is twice the price of economy, but of course, the service is different, plus, the seats!!!  But I just say to myself that we will all get to our destination wherever we seat (sourgraping).  Of course if I have excess money, I would prefer to travel first class with all the comfort, food, and service, and mind you, Filipino flight attendants are the most courteous of all...  Oh well, I have my ever reliable Mabuhay Miles membership so I can just add up the incurred miles and get myself upgraded when the need arises...   

I receive emails from PAL every now and then, and I always check out their promos. Something like this:

At times, airline promos go out simultaneously, especially Cebu Pacific and Air Asia.  I have nothing against the two airlines, but when I try the Piso Fair of Cebu Pacific online, I still end up with high prices.  I don't know why, but maybe because, I choose my seats, I buy meals, and I get extra baggage allowance, plus the taxes.  When you add those up, you'd be surprised at how much it would cost.  Most likely, it becomes more expensive than PAL.  

With Air Asia, I just don't like their stop overs.  And Clark airport is way too far.  But I once tried Clark-HK-Clark, it was uhhmmmmm, okay...

This morning, I got an email about PAL's promo, and I tried booking my family to Singapore.  The selling period started last week, and the travel period is between October to December, and February to June 2014.  I ended up buying 6 tickets for my family, with a total of P57,800.00 or approximately USD: 1,300.00, roundtrip.  Amazing isn't it???

I'm so excited because my kids are going for the first time to Singapore, and they look forward to the Universal Studios day tour.

I know it's a bit early to book a vacation, but, it sure pays to plan ahead, don't you agree?

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