My Aura Premiere Day

It was my first time to visit SM Aura.  I've heard that there are stores and restaurants that aren't common at Aura.  And they're right! First of all, I like that it's not crowded.  To think that I went there on a 3-day sale Sunday, I thought it would be full of people, but so happy it wasn't.

The first store that caught my eye was Peppermint Kids Salon and Spa Boutique.  
The place is beautifully designed, it is impossible for me not to go in and ask what they offer.  

I actually want to try their Bubblegum Footspa...  Yes, me, because, It's not just for kids, but for moms and dads too!  We could even book their "I Dream" room for a little privacy...  

The salon offers stylish braids too!

Besides haircut for kids, they also have "lice-off"sessions.

From nail grooming down to nail art!!!

I am so excited to see my kids get pampered with their Dead Sea Mud Mask 
while having my foot and back massage...

You can visit their store at Basement 1, SM Aura Premier, Fort Bonifacio, 
or call them at 478-3566 for appointments.

Then I spotted these!!!  You know I couldn't resist the sweet tooth, isn't it obvious?

As a follower of Downton Abbey, I began to appreciate the love of tea.  
Though I still don't get the tea with milk or sugar.

Because of the 3-day sale, the cupcakes were priced unbelievably cheap, some are below P100.00, and the teapot is free and refillable if you get 3 cupcakes.  I lovetttt!!!  Ohhhh, and please, do try their Red Velvet Cupcakes.  Spank me if you think I ain't right...  They have the best Red Velvet cupcakes in the Philippines.

Oh, did I tell you that The Royal Touch Gourmet Cupcakes are from the recipes of Chef Carolyn Robb, the personal Chef to the Royals - Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Princes William and Harry?

I promised myself that I'll be back on Sunday to have my nail spa, foot and back massage, 
and an afternoon tea.  

Wouldn't it be great if you just make believe that you are a Princess even for just 1 day??? 

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