Prague to Vienna - Wien, Austria

Leaving Prague...  I remember that I left my cellphone at the hotel.  We were already at the train station when I realized that my cellphone was not inside my bag.  Good thing we were very early and our hotel is very close to the train station.  We went back, asked the reception,  heart pounding, and he said not to worry, it'll still be where you left it...  He accompanied me all the way back to my room and while waiting for the elevator, which for me was utterly agonizing,  he said that if the housekeeping sees it, it'll be handed to them...  We finally reached our corridor, the room's door was widely open, the way I left it carrying my heavy luggage.  And to my surprise, my cellphone was sitting there, right where I left it.  The housekeeping hasn't cleaned our room yet.  
I almost hugged him.  I told him the hotel would get great reviews at TripAdvisor as soon as I get home.  Which I already did.  We stayed at Grandior Hotel.  

Prague Train Station

The train ride from Prague to Vienna is quite long...  About 6 hours...  If you are doing this, I suggest you take the first class.  About USD $100 higher than the regular fee.   It is not too crowded, plus it is next to a car with dining tables.  That way, we were able to sit in front of each other, dine, 
and chat, chat, and chat!

When we first reached Vienna, my first impression was, quiet, serene, we noticed that each and every building on the main road maintains one color scheme - beige, brown, and cream...
After checking in at Intercontinental Hotel, we walked through the gardens of Stadtpark. 

 It was drizzling that afternoon so we went to the other side of the park, heading towards the Cathedral.  It was about 2 kms walk from our hotel, and when we finally reached it, I was in deep awe.  I never thought it would be that big!  It's like a towering giant (about 500 ft).  It is still under construction, and as a matter of fact, it was never completed.  

It is located at Stephansplatz, where you can find all the shops, restaurants, and vienna sausages in carts.  Those sausages are to die for, and I am craving for one now!  

If you plan on going to Vienna, maybe it would be better if you stay at Stephansplatz.  It would cost a bit higher, but you don't have to walk to get to the main part of the city, this is where the life is!  

 Check this out...

Cafes and Shops

Cafes and Hotels...

Gelato carts... ahhhh....

Vienna is the capital of classical music which I truly adore.  Mozart lived his life here, so did Beethoven, Brahms, and Johanne Strauss.  The father of Psychology, Sigmund Freud,  and of course, who doesn't know the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, who created The Kiss.

But most of all...  Marie Antoinette was born and raised in Vienna, Austria...  Her life story was believed to have changed the history of the world...  Oh well...  A different blog post for that one...

I met a lot of Filipino kababayans (fellow Filipino) living in Vienna and they seemed to be very happy. 
Most of them work as professionals.  

Vienna captured my heart...  It is such a romantic city... And as Billy Joel used to sing, when will you realize...?  Vienna waits for you...  

I'll be back Vienna...

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