Get Smooth for 50% off!

I need some waxin'...  do i really need to tell you this???

But when you see a waxing salon as cute as this, I bet you'll brag about  it too...  My SIL referred Pink Parlour to me because she had her facial hair waxed there months ago.  

I checked their website and found out their anniversary sale, so I called them right away and arranged for an appointment.  

Besides waxing, they also offer spa treatments, callous treatments, gel lacquer, spray tan, etc.

 Since it is their anniversary month, they are offering 50% off on some services.

Their manicure/pedicure/massage/treatment/service area...

Their waiting area...

I wasn't able to take pictures of the rooms where the procedures are done, but I assure you, 
they're as cute as these pictures...

Good thing my previous waxing technician at a different salon had her vacation leave, 
otherwise I wouldn't discover Pink Parlour...

Please do check their website (click here).  Soon, they're going to open their Rockwell Powerplant Mall Branch.

In 5 weeks, I'll be back...  

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