My Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things... I love this charm bracelet! I can put as many pictures as I like... In a few days i will be posting something like this which I religiously handcrafted!!! Watch out for it dahlings!!!

I love these medallions... Wish I could make those also... But not today, as in now... Maybe next year... I still need to look for suppliers...

Sooo cute!!!
Boyyyy.... how come they're back??? I was sooo ecstatic to find the perfect bootleg jeans for me just recently, and now, you're telling me that skinny jeans are "in"??? My goooollly.... how could i hide my elephantized leggies??? Help!!! Help!!!

Hey, check this out! My dear friend MichC, recommended this one, and i tell ya, it's super selling like pancakes! As in, you can't find in any bookstores here in Manila...

Well, that's it... probably come back later... Happy Birthday to my dear, favorite niece... Biatch!!! Love yah!!!