It's Tee Time Once Again!!!

I love Tees... These once basic items are now being offered in an exciting array of colors, lengths and necklines. And while you love all the options, it can be dizzying when you're trying to find the style that best suits your figure. Here's some tips for us Tee Lovers...


The V-Neck is a flattering neckline. The deeper the diagonal of the V, the more slimming the effect. Go supersexy and pair a V-Neck with jeans and heels, or wear a moderately low V under a jacket for a polished look.

Cap Sleeves

While cap sleeves should not be worn by everyone, they are a fashionable alternative to a classic short-sleeve style. For those with thin arms, they are a chic warm-weather staple when paired with capris, but they can also look stylish layered over a blouse in the cooler months. Keep in mind that the arm fit is important: It's right when sleeves extend just past the end of the shoulder.

Crew Neck

The classic crewneck has been a staple in women's wardrobes for what seems like a hundred years. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's right for every figure. With all of the stylish neckline options out there, it's easy to find a replacement if this round style isn't the right fit for you.


Tanks and other sleeveless tops are a warm-weather favorite. They can be worn alone or under jackets or cardigans, and they can also look great layered with skirts or jeans. But rule number one is to make sure your bra is not visible, or even the most sophisticated ensembles will come off as looking sloppy.

Tube Tops

Tube tops today are streamlined versions of the ones that were so popular in the '80s. And fortunately for most women, they also include supportive built-in bras. While the tube top is considered an even sexier alternative to a halter or camisole, it can look sophisticated under a blazer with tailored trousers.

Scoop Necks

Scoop necks are the modern-day version of V-neck styles. They are also another example of a style that looks best on women with full chests. One common mistake women make is assuming that square-neck tees have the same flattering effect as scoop necks. In fact, square necks accomplish the exact opposite of what a scoop neck does and should be avoided by those with fuller tops.

Three-Quarter Sleeves

Three-quarter-sleeve T-shirts flatter everyone, but they are especially useful to women with heavy arms. In fact, it's one of the few styles that look better on someone who isn't very thin. Regardless of your frame size, make sure that the sleeves are worn snug (though not tight) because looser versions can make anyone's arms look short.

So guys, whether you're busty, skinny, pear shaped, apple shaped, or short-waisted, there's at least one tee out there for you, in a wide range of prices.


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V-necks are still the BEST for me...

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I love tees too, especially v necks

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