The YSL Downtown

I remember my cousin PCR told me that she's eyeing the YSL Downtown Bag... Baghag MS told me that it has been branded as the Perfect Size Bag, so I checked it out... I find it too big, but subtle, yet unique... I agree with Fab Sugar, it is too big to be branded as the Perfect Size Bag.

Photo Credit: Fab Sugar

The YSL Downtown in Black Leather

The YSL Downtown in Patent Croc Skin

The very Preggy Salma Hayek in Patent YSL Downtown

Kylie Minogue in different colors and sizes of the YSL Downtown

Demi Moore

And lastly, my favorite picture, the very sexy Jessica Biel
in gray trench coat
toting a white YSL Downtown Bag...

Photo Credits: The Purse Blog

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