Wet Naps for Hair?

Yes... You read it right... The Ted Gibson Hair Sheets are like Wet Naps, Wet Ones, or those Baby Wipes we use every time we need a quick and emergency rinse for various body parts... But this one is used for tangled, unconditioned, and dull hair... Just a remedy for a bad hair day... We all experience having a very busy day at work and never even have time to brush our hair the whole day. Of course the hair strands tend to dry up, curl up at the ends, lose its sheen, or worse, get greasy and sticky due to sweat... Now, these Hair Sheets makes the hair return to its natural form, making it shinier and softer, it even smells sooo good... Each sheet contains ingredients that replace lost protein, inhibit moisture-loss, increase strength of hair, and provide environmental protection.

The Ted Gibson Complex - a unique blend of amino acids - conditions and strengthens the hair shaft by bonding to and filling in damaged areas. And the best part? This treatment is easy to apply - just smooth over hair anytime, for all-day-long conditioning or overnight repair.

Available at Sephora.

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