Get Even Note Cards

Don't you just sometimes wish you could send this to your boss, mother in law, ex-bf, ex-husband, cook, yaya, or to whoever you want to kill??? Ella Studio has created these "Fucking Cards" for you to voice out your feelings... Would you dare???

Note Cards

Jotters Pad
Sticky Memo Pads

The Fucking Cards

Happy Fucking Birthday : Fuck You : Fuck You Very Much : Fuck! : Holy Shit! : Holy Crap! : What the Fuck? : Go Fuck Yourself : Fuck Off! : Piss Off! : Bite Me : Cram It : You Suck : Asshole : Bitch : Slut : Douche Bag : Dipshit : Dumbass : Ass Clown : Ass Wipe : Numbnuts : Moron : Loser

Bad side is, I still have to spend a buck just to piss them!

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