I want these... I need these... I gotta have these...

I discovered from Closet Therapy about the Yogatoes. Their supposed to stretch, strengthen, and align foot muscles to improve circulation. Yogatoes is made of medical grade flexible gel, which is odorless, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.

See guys, when we wear even our most comfy shoes, we tend to neglect our toes. Of course they also get tired all squeezed up the whole day while we're in the office or at work. Here's a clear picture of what Yogatoes does:

Our toes inside a closed shoe are curled, squeezed, tensed

Put on those Yogatoes

After Yogatoes

Since I'm into treadmill these days, I noticed that my toes sometimes hurt. Maybe my rubbershoes are too tight, or maybe I wear thick socks, or maybe I'm just too heavy that my toes are screaming for carrying too much weight! When I get home, I put my legs up while watching tv - I believe it relaxes the muscles especially after a strenuous leg exercise. But that remedy is for the Legs... How about my toes??? I hope Yogatoes solves the problem...

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Yoga Girl said...

In relation to what you're saying, we workout and exercise almost every part of our body, but often times we forget to take care of our feet. Why is that? We stand on them all day. After trying YogaToes, they're fun and come in a slew of cool colors (I prefer the crystal blue one's myself). McDreamer, you will love them! They re-align bent toes (bootwear or high heels) and they soothe your feet. You probably already know this, but you can nab a pair on their website