Food Blogging

I recently had a dinner with some people from the blogging world... They all love taking pictures of what we're going to eat... Of course, as a blogger, I know many of us do want to take pictures of beautifully served platters of hors d'oeuvres, sumptuous meals, and delectable desserts... But do we also know that we might annoy people around us??? Here are some tips on how to be a food blogger without being a nuisance to other diners...

1. Be respectful. Overeager photographers can be as annoying as a ringing cell phone. Your fellow diners want to enjoy their meals, too, and the sight of you adjusting your white balance can be distracting. And don't take their picture without asking.

2. Don't disrupt your meal. You're there to eat. Don't make your friends wait while you fiddle with the focus.

3. Be discreet. If snapping photos of your food seems too obvious, intersperse themwith shots of your dining companions. Keep the camera tucked out of sight, not on the table. Use the smallest digital model possible or a camera phone.

4. Read the room. A romantic boite will be more intimate than dim sum, so adjust your
picture-taking to fit the mood. If your server asks you to stop, don't start an argument.

5. Steady the camera. A water or wineglass can do wonders.

6. Be quick. Otherwise your dishes will get cold.

7. No flash. Bloggers and managers agree a flash can be painfully intrusive. Plus, white plates reflect flash, and can make a photo look unappetizing.

There you go... I guess many of us do know these facts... But still, as Michael Bauer , the author of Between Meals, would say, "Most bloggers are mindful of the intrusion and are discreet, but others obviously aren't."

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