People Magazine's Sexiest Men

Got this from She Knows Best

Patrick Dempsey
Ryan Reynolds
Brad Pitt
James Mcavoy(Atonement with Keira Knightly, possibly portray Kurt Cobain)
Johnny Depp
Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters, ABC)
Will Smith
Javier Bardem
Shemar Moore(Criminal Minds, CBS)
Ben Affleck
Adrian Grenier(Entourage, HBO)
Will Yun Lee(Bionic Woman, NBC)
Justin Timberlake

I like them all... But of course, I wouldn't be McDreamer if not for McDreamy... So he's on Top of my list... I can't help but notice Adrian Grenner... I think he possesses something others don't... He's kinda intriguing... How about you guys? Who do you think should be on the Number One list?


Bearbrick Lover: said...

Who's your favorite? I didn't get who McDreamy is...

McDreamer said...

Hi Bearbrick Lover! Haha... Now I know... You're one of the few people who doesn't watch Grey's Anatomy... McDreamy is Patrick Dempsey.