Oh Christmas Lights!

Last Sunday, I took the kids to Power Plant Mall at Rockwell.  I wanted them to feel the Christmas vibe. When I was about 5 years old, my dad used to take me to Cubao C.O.D. mall, where we watch a short Christmas story, made with huge papier mache figures moving, by the building's facade.  Now, I believe this work art and concept can be seen in Greenhills Shopping Center. 

Honestly, now that I'm 40, I am still eager to feel that vibe...  But unfortunately, it is true that as we grow older, Christmas doesn't seem too much fun anymore...  Traffic, endless shopping (but budget isn't endless), traffic, Christmas parties here and there, traffic, gifts for security guards, teachers, classmates, friends, colleagues, staff, and the list goes on and on...  Traffic here in Manila is unbearable...  I've been to many places and I've never seen traffic as worse than Manila traffic especially during Christmas season...  Well, those are the ones that makes Christmas "not fun"...  But it's reality...  It's part of a Filipino Christmas...  A lot of times I find myself saying, wow, traffic!!!  It's the Christmas Spirit!!! (Think positive) And it feels better...  You won't even notice that you've reached your destination already...

I was so happy I brought my kids out that day...  Fonzie (my 3 year old boy) was wowed when we entered the Power Plant...  I saw him smiling as he looked everywhere as the mall was wonderfully decorated with red and gold ornaments...  I know how he feels...  And I know it's one of the most wonderful feeling ever...  Hearing Christmas songs, and seeing lots of people carrying loads of gift packs, walking here and there...  

Since we were all having that "Christmas vibe", I took them to Ayala Triangle Gardens to watch Christmas at the Gardens, featuring "Parol". 

The harmonized lights and sounds illuminated the whole garden and it felt so magical and Christmassy...  I think this once a year event is a "must see"...  After all, it's free...  The event is on going from Dec. 1 - 23, every 30 minutes, from 6pm to 8pm...  Here's a short video clip. (not so loud & clear, sorry)

The kids were still high by 8pm.  I think the lights had something to do with their energy...  I thought of bringing them to Policarpio Street for some "house sight-seeing"... For years, I've been hearing about this particular street that houses a strip of fully lit and decorated homes...  I never got to see it until last Sunday...  It is somewhere in Mandaluyong, near the city's Municipal Hall...  We parked at the street perpendicular to Policarpio since the street is narrow, and cars are not allowed anyway.   I didn't mind at all since It was just a short walk and the street itself is not even long...  Probably around 24 houses left and right...

This particular house has a huge Belen on its facade  

 This has the "Vegas" look

 The House of Santa Claus

Flying reindeers with Santa's sleigh

The fully lit house, including its repeater antenna (my favorite)
It's nice to see people decorating their houses like this, setting aside their problems, or maybe bad memories, or even unfulfilled dreams...  I see their positivity in keeping the spirit alive even though things don't come the way they wanted to... They made me believe that Christmas is still fun, the way it used to be, back when I was 5...

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