Easter Sunday

Easter is more than just Eggs and Bunnies.... 

It's a celebration of our faith...  
In the Easter Mass, we were baptized again, 
blessed again...  
As if we are renewing our Baptismal vows 
with Jesus Christ, as we say the Apostle's Creed, 
we welcome Him to be our guide to be the "new" us.  
It is of God's plan to let his only begotten Son 
to suffer for us, so that we may be able to remember this, over and over again, repent, and renew.  

However, sometimes, we only think 
of the long weekend during this season.  
We somehow forget the true meaning 
of this "Holy Week"...

I believe It is my time to reflect, study myself, 
and change for the better...  
As the priest bless me and sprinkles me
with Holy Water, 
let this be the start of my
"new" life
and change my
"old wretched ways"...

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