Blackberry Shortcuts and Tips

I got so excited when I saw Glenn Ong's of Glich's Life tweet this morning... I hope there are so many Glenns out there who are unselfish to share their secrets and techniques on the realm of technology.... Check his site too, you might find some solutions to your tech related problems...Link
Here are some Tips and Shortcuts:

1. I just discovered that typing "mypin" on the message line will automatically display my PIN number. This is such a big help since I always search for my PIN at my profile and try to copy or memorize it so I can type on sms application and send my PIN to somebody...

2. Same thing happens when you type "mynumber" which displays your cellphone number, and "myver", which displays your phone's model and version number... Isn't it wonderful???

3. At times, you’d be asked to reboot your phone. Two ways you can do that:
(1) remove/replace battery - which I always do or
(2) press and hold ALT key + RIGHT SHIFT key + DEL key altogether and wait for the phone to reboot.

4. Real Convenience Keys - There are two 'convenience keys' – one on each side of the BlackBerry – left is default for voice command and right is for camera. I never use voice command, so I replaced it with Calculator, and the other one for Camera... Which I think I use more often. Just go to Convenience Keys in Options to change the button.

5. This one is also helpful: Highlighting several SMS, email messages or pictures is very easy. Just press and hold the SHIFT key while you scroll through multiple items via the trackpad. Once done, you can easily hit the Menu button to copy, move or delete items. Didn't know this before!!!!! I used to press the Menu key and look for Start Selection, then, highlight, then Copy, and Paste...

These 5 simple steps made my life easier today... Now I'm so excited to share 'em all with you Blackberry users out there!!! Thanks again to Glich's Life for allowing me to post this on my site...


Glenn Ong said...

Thanks for linking and sharing to others.

McDreamer said...

You're welcome Glenn... And don't stop inspiring others too... Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Every action on your BB is logged, which in time will slow your bb down...At least once a week, hold ALT key and press LGLG (the letters) while on your home screen. You will see the logs. Then click the Blackberry menu button and select "clear log" this keeps phone moving 100% faster! NOW THIS IS A WORTHY BLACKBERRY BROADCAST.