FFFF - Fall For Fall Fashion

Autumn colors, dark colors, layering... I love Fall... We can now start wearing stuff we've been keeping for several months. And as the famous stylist Jenni Epperson always say, time to wear the Boots Anson Roa!!!

This morning, the Zoe Reported "Falling for Fall Fashion" and again, the shoes are haunting me!!! I just blogged about this the other day (read the blog here)... Rachel Zoe read my thoughts!!! (oh I wish)

And she said,
"Naturally, this time of year means adding a lot of never-before-worn loot into your wardrobe".
So time to take out those rust colored pants, mustard tops as well as military green and gray hued clothes, and then get something you never had before and reward yourself for all the hardwork this summer... Speaking for myself, am I???

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