Let me share to you my Freddy's experience...

They got me feelin' the 60's vibe...

I ordered chili cheesedog and fries...  The bread was unbelievably soft.  It is toasted, gives a little crisp as you bite on it.  The hotdog is made of very tender beef.  Well, for me, it's a typical American Hotdog, but the one that made it special is the bread, and of course their famous seasoning, which is a mixture of salt, pepper, and different secret spices.  The fries are thinly cut, which I think is a good thing, makes me guiltless... (as if i care)

Freddy joined the army, together with his brothers.   He stayed in several islands in the Pacific, and he even went to the Philippines.  This picture below was taken when he went back to the Philippines.

Have you ever tried a frozen custard???  Freddy's became famous in Coney Island because of these!

I think I'll be dreaming of this when I get back to Manila...  I am actually drooling right now...

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