A Clean Skin Is A Happy Skin

Why Be Nice to Our Skin?

Like the heart, stomach, and brain, our skin is an organ. In fact, it's the largest organ in our body, but it's still easy to take skin for granted. Unless there's a problem, we may not think about our skin very much. But skin has an important job to do.

Our skin is constantly protecting us. Our skin keeps infections out of our body and keeps us from getting sick. When we take care of our skin, we're helping our skin do its job. And taking care of our skin today will help prevent future problems, like wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Clean Skin Is A Happy Skin

The most important way to take care of our skin is to keep our hands clean, because our hands can spread germs to the skin on other parts of our body.
When washing our hands, we should lather and rub everywhere, including the palms, the wrists, between the fingers, and under the nails. Rinse well, dry thoroughly with a clean towel, and we're done! Alcohol, Anti-bacterial or sanitizing gel, lotion, foam, liquid, and the like, will never, ever replace what mild soap and water can do to cleanse our skin.

If you are worried about pimples, look for a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic (won't cause pimples). With pimples, you might think that scrubbing your face is the way to get rid of them. But actually, your skin will be less likely to break out if you clean it gently, using your fingertips, not a rough washcloth.

Oftentimes, when we use a new kind of soap or other skin product, our skin may get irritated or we may get an allergic reaction. Sales agents and testimonials of these products tell us that "if skin breaks out and produces more acne, it's an indication that the product is working and is removing all the impurities embedded on our skin". A Lie! If you get a rash, a pimple, or if your skin feels itchy, hot, dry, or like it's burning, stop using the product and don't forget that it caused a reaction. You don't want to use it again or buy a product with the same active ingredient.

Many of us have uneven skintones... We really need the help of a "foundation" or a "concealer" to make our skin look smoother, softer, and flawless. Don't worry my dear friends, it's common... Because of the pollution, the radiation, we really can't control skin reactions... That's why, all we have to do is just take care of it... And guess what?! Even Hollywood actresses have skin problems too!!!

Charlize Theron

Renee Zellwegger

Cameron Diaz

So please dear bloggers, don't fret too much if you have irritated skin... We all have different skin types but we do have the same problem - pimples!!! And the first way to treat this is to clean it gently, not vigorously!!! Let's all make our skin happy!!! Is your skin happy???


JCC said...

i wouldnt be calling you if my skin is happy, hahahahhahaha, kidding aside, my skin is better , thanks to you my dear guru and my friend "S" and many many more. im beginning to "loosen up " a little. you know that your friend here is super "straight." hey, how come my pics not included here?? im a hollywood star too !!!!

Ms. MS said...

I'm O.C. when it comes to washing my hands....