My Bestfriend's Shower!

August 12, 2006, Saturday, the most awaited day of my bestfriend... Finally, she's walking down the aisle... And I am very, super, ultra, hyper, mega, uber happy for her.... These past few days, i've been doing several arrangements for her shower party. I'm so excited coz' this is the first time we'll be doing this kind of a bridal shower... And I know many of her friends already gave her one but this one i'm giving, is definitely going to be the best she ever had and will ever have... I'm not giving you any clues yet coz' I know she's been reading my blogs... This is a surprise for her... So just to give you a little hint, see this!!!
Hey, PDL, I've known you more than half of my life, and you've stood me up several times
and i've forgiven you for that, but this time, uh-oh.... hell no!!! I will never ever forgive if you if you don't show up gurllll!!!! Ohhhkayyy?????

Hey, I know some of you already know who I am, how I start and end my day... I'm a "do it yourself" gurl.... I like doing things on my own, like making my own accessories, nourishing my hair with weekly treatments, doing my nails, giving myself a facial, cutting and coloring my hair, everything... So when I was browsing Harper's Bazaar this morning, I saw the ad of Garnier Color Breaks... It is for Solid toned hair, usually happens if a person applies a full dye. And that's me... I have a monotone, boring, light brown hair... We know how bad (at least for the pocket) it is to pay for a medium length highlights or lowlights... So, sometimes, I get this urge to do it myself... So this new product of Garnier, (I actually don't know if this is new) gives Multi-dimensional tones that breaks up Solid, Full, Colored, Treated Hair. In short, I can do highlight or lowlights all by myself without the hassle of, you know, using frosting caps, aluminum foils, and asking someone to do it for you... I soooo need it!!! This is one reason why I love America... They have tons of "do it yourself" things. Isn't It? I don't know if you guys are familiar with this round, small, disposable toothbrush thingie which you stick onto your fingers? I'm in love with it!!! It is so

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handy, convenient, easy to use, and effective!!! I still got a few here, but in a few weeks, they would all be gone!!! So calling.... sister in vegas, do you hear me??? helllo???

Reading magazines sometimes give me headaches... I can't stop from needing and wanting!!! I want to read this new book, 4% Famous by Deborah Schoeneman, "talks about the down and dirty lives of celebs, a malicious, vicious, and delicious read..." ummm... And here's another one, Tabloid Love by Bridget Harrison, and according to Harper's Bazaar, "As a columnist a la Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, Bridget Harrison divulges her insecurities, gaffes, and triumphs, and after reading, you'll not only root for her, you'll wish she were your best friend." Boy, i miss SATC sooooo much.... I really loved that show, I so loved it that I even did a photoshop of myself as Carrie... See how desperate I am???
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Hmmmm... which reminds me, I wonder who I am? A Carrie? A Miranda? A Charlotte? Or maybe a Samantha??? Would you like to do this test??? I know this is all passe, and so last, last year... But what the heck?!! Maybe someone out there's interested in doing the test... (just copy and paste this link to your browser)
Don't forget to put your answers on the comment box dear readers!!! Ooops, by the way, I am, 40% Samantha, 30% Charlotte, 20% Miranda, and 10% Carrie... Now you know who I am!!! Mwahahaha....


McDreamer said...

To JCC: Sorry, wasn't able to edit the comments section, surprised to see the results eh?? hahaha!!!

bbf said...

I'm 30% miranda,30% carrie, 30% charlotte and 10% samantha.