My Baby Shower

Baby Shower... Does it have to be a surprise one??? I don't know, but actually, for the 2nd time around, I did know about my baby shower and I even made some arrangements for the two baby showers I had... Well, maybe because my sisters are always there to support me and give me a hand during the preparation. Actually, they are the ones in charge of who gets invited, what giveaways should I provide, what kind of games shall we host, etc... It's just that, it's no surprise to me... As in, I knew everything...

We had so much fun, and honestly, I came to realize who my true friends are...

I want to share this with you...

My Invites

Crossword Puzzle as the Guest's Place Cards

Blue Pencils

The Venue - Gloria Maris Seafood Restaurant Greenhills

Prizes and Giveaways

Bath and Body Works - Aromatherapy Orange and Ginger Hand Soap
Beauty Bar - Fruit Scented Soap
Marks and Spencer - Raisin Chocolates

I'd like to thank my dear sister BSM for sending me those
Bath and Body Hand Soaps, fresh from Las Vegas,

and for giving me plenty of cute Gerber Onesies...
Thank you sis, wish you were here... I miss you so much!!!

The Early Birds
L-R: My sister MS, Me, Billie, and Bless (seated)

Me and my beloved husband playing the Roulette

The Diaper Poop Game: Melted chocolates were spread inside the diapers and the participants shall guess what brand of chocolates were used.
The boys were busy sniffing the the diaper. This was hilarious!!!

My cousins and avid blog readers - Cherry and JCC

Another blog reader, my cousin Veca

Woohoo!!! The most expensive gift I received
came from my dearest cuzins, PCR and PCM,
Super, Duper Thank You cuzs!!!!

I must admit, this baby shower wouldn't be super fun without you Mark and Aih...
Thanks for all the help...

My dear cousin Cherry, I was so touched that she remembered my upcoming birthday...
She gave me this...

And to my special guest, Mrs. T, thank you so much for giving me this beeeaaauuuuutiful bracelet... EYELOVET!!!!!!

Table 2

Standing L-R: Trevor, Marnie, Anna, Santi, Paolo, Vernon

Seated: Me, Mrs. T, Michelle, Aihleen, Mark, Pinky

Guys, thank you so much for making me very, very happy!!!

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