An Extraordinary Night

Last Friday, I visited Tresorie, since they were on sale, I took advantage of getting some stuff that I've been eyeing a long time ago... I want statement rings. I looked for some shops in rockwell, but I didn't find anything that suits me...

So when we reached the store, we saw some tv crew, huge cables and wires, heavy lighting equipment, and cameras... wheeoow, i knew then that there was an ongoing interview...

And guess who was in there???

Yes, Mr. Tim Yap... And jeezzz, I look fat and fugly... But Tim is so nice, I never thought he'd be that cool... Very, very nice... I was so high and happy, I bought three large, beautiful statement rings!!!

Rose Gold Ring with Cubic Zirconia, Gray and White Pearls

Gold Ring with Multi Faceted Oval Rose Quartz

Enamel White Rose Silver Ring

Since I was wearing white, I wore the white one immediately...


JCC said...

very very you ! hehehe

McDreamer said...

hahaha, jcc, exactly!!!