Happy New Year!!!

Goodbye 2007, Hello, 2008!!!

I've learned a lot in 2007... I've gained so many friends and I am very thankful for that... Of course there had been bad moments, but as I've told my Saviour last night, "I have experienced deep trials and challenges the past year, so now, my Lord, please make this new year a better one, no more hard obstacles, just shallow and easy ones...

I also stopped making New Year's Resolutions because I never took them seriously... I don't know if I shall call these my goals, or objectives, or resolutions, but these are the things I plan to do in 2008...

1. Be positive
2. Be patient
3. Be good
4. Be kind
5. Be generous
6. Strive hard
7. Spend less
8. Eat less
9. Smoke less
10. Blog More

On January 1, 2009, I'm checking on this post again...

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Bearbrick Lover: said...

I can also relate to numbers 7 & 8. Good luck to us! Happy New Year! :-)