Since I was in Grade School, I reallly wanted to use a headband, even now, I want one... But the thing is, I can't find which one that would make me look like this girl , dang! She is soooo beautiful...

I guess I could fly all around the world and wouldn't find that headband!

Also, wearing one could be as painful... It's hard to find one that is nice and comfortable to wear.

Here are some usual problems I encounter when wearing one:

1. Terrible headache due to tight plastics attached behind my ears.

2. Since I have not so long hair, I can't wear headbands that go "around the head" for it causes the hair at the back to lift and make me look awful.

3. Sometimes I get so carried away that I hardly notice that the headbands are already falling on my forehead making it look more of a turban than a headband...

4. I want my headband to serve as a hair fixer, like when I don't want my bangs hanging on my forehead, and not an accessory - which i think is impossible... I think if you want it to look good, you have to style your hair first, the way you want it to, and then just place the headband on top, just above the hairline...

She's wearing something like this...

But I ain't gonna buy now... I got tons of headbands here in my closet, and I swear, I never wore them!!!

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