So why don't you bra(g) it?

For those of us who travel most of the time, frequent flyer, or jetsetters, you may be experiencing this often... Crumpled, deformed bras... But now, Jane Webb has finally solved this problem - a protective travel bag for padded bras to make packing your bras easy!

As with all great inventions, bra(g) was born out of necessity. When Jane Webb was doing extensive travel, she would arrive only to discover that her best assets had become deficits!

The bra(g) makes packing and protecting your bras easy, and it's so chic, and the hard case will ensure that your bras will Travel in Style ... Arrive in Form.

So fun and funky with such a cute handle — you may even want to use the bra(g) as a purse!

Hey baghags, will you tote one of these???

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Anonymous said...

your comments are great! the place is very elegant. that's the first thing you'll hear from the people who went there,hehehe! esp the tunnel area :-) food is great and for me, really affordable!