Let's Welcome The Year of the Earth Rat

I know many of you don't believe in the Chinese Zodiac... But many also are crazy about it and spend millions for Feng Shui consultation and advices... I, as a Fil-Chi, do believe that I am not harming anyone if I believe in this, but I do limit myself in buying "Auspicious" things because I know I can't spend more than what I earn...

Courtesy of my good friend Ann, these are some of the things we "can" do to
Jumpstart the Year of the Earth Rat with Luck

1. Make peace with everyone

2. Housecleaning
- donate old clothes
- throw out repaired broken items
- salt lamp for cleansing, all house lights shall be cleansed
- change bed sheets
- replace curtains
- use newly cleaned clothes / use new clothes
- use new underwears

3. Welcoming
- place water in the East part of the house
- place 24 pieces of garlic on top of the dining table
- prepare your rice urn: bowl of rice with 1 red packet (angpao)
put 8 coins inside
- place your Quiat Quiat Tree at the Entrance of the house

4. Prepare your Wishing Paper - for prosperity, write your wishes to Quan Yin, the Goddess of Money and Compassion. At the eve of the Chinese New year, 12 Midnight, light 12 sticks of incense and pray to Quan Yin, then burn your wishing paper using the incense sticks.

5. Do not use sharp objects on Feb. 7, 2008

6. Prepare Apples for harmony, Pineapple for abundance, Mandarin Oranges (turns transactions into Gold). Fill you homes with Oranges to achieve your life's aspirations. It is also auspicious to give oranges to friends and relatives.

7. For longevity and luck, parents and elders should give "Angpao" or red envelopes with money to the children in the house

8. Hang 8 red packets with 8 coins each to your quiat-quiat tree for prosperity. Place the tree on the Northwest to activate Heaven's luck. Hang a Heavensluck Windchime at the top of the tree.

9. If you already have a Wealth Vase, activate it by asking more soil from a rich person you know.

10. Do not wear the colors BLACK and WHITE for 15 days after the Chinese New Year

11. Use RED table cloth in your Dining Table, and plates should be colorful and never be WHITE.

12. Roll... roll... roll again 88 pieces of quiat-quiat into your homes and offices for a more prosperous year.

13. Shower your house with coins mixed with sweet candies and chocolates.

14. South facing house and HORSE sign should buy 8 immortals and Pi-yao to overcome bad fortune.

10 Auspicious Dishes to
Welcome the Chinese New Year:

1. Nuts - symbolizes luck
2. Lettuce - symbolizes rising fortune
3. Long Noodles - long life (don't cut the noodles)
4. Fish - abundance
5. Prawns - happiness
6. Abalone - promise of wealth and abundance
7. Oyster - good fortune
8. Chocolates and Biscuits - for persuasive Speech Power
9. Cakes and Candies - sweetness within the family
10. Tikoy - unity and harmony in the family

There you go... I hope I am not misleading anyone... I did this to share what I have learned from my friends, but I don't entirely believe in it... I just thought that I'd lose nothing if I follow them... And guys, if you don't have some of the things listed above, don't buy if you can't afford them... I don't have some of the stuff either, and I don't intend to buy anymore...

But remember, one that never fails and proven to work for everyone: BE POSITIVE! It's the secret to a happier, prosperous life!

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The Seeker said...

Very nice.
There're somethings that aren't so silly as most people thinks.

Happy Year of the Earth Rat!!!!!