The Feng Shui Wealth Vase

You may be wondering why do I blog about Feng Shui? Since when did McDreamer become an expert on Chinese beliefs and Feng Shui??? Well, for most of you who have known me just recently, you won't believe that I used to be a "consultant"... No, I don't do it professionally... I just made some readings about Feng Shui, and attended several seminars a few years ago... But I didn't pursue it... I just think that doing Feng Shui advices as a profession, or as my means of putting bread and butter on the table is a little - sorry for the term, but an "opportunistic approach". I just want to entertain questions from my close relatives and friends, who heeded my advice...

For years, I've been telling myself to create my own Wealth Vase... But what exactly is a Wealth Vase? Simply put, the wealth vase is considered to be a very potent wealth enhancer for the family. It was a luxury available only for the wealthy in traditional (ancient) China and you'll be surprised by how many homes there, have a wealth vase in a secret corner of their home. Many of these have lasted for many generations (being passed down) and is considered the secret of how many of these wealthy families continue to gain wealth and opportunities. I really wanted to make one for our family. I didn't want to buy a wealth vase because I want it to be something I like, something of my own taste, something I can easily afford, because it doesn't have to be "authentic china" or "porcelain", it just have to have a "connection" to you... As long as it has a brim wider than its neck and a has a lid...

Now, I am making my own traditional wealth vase and if anyone else would like to do the same, it would be a pleasure sharing these steps with you...

Step 1: Choosing your Wealth Vase

Most wealth vases will be of the traditional chinese types, but that does not mean you are limited to it. The majority of the older wealth vases are of chinese designs simply because it was obtained in china and thus had its cultural influences in its art. What's more important is that you choose a strong and sturdy (non-transparent vase). The top part of the vase (also known as the neck) should be smaller than the body and base. This allows you to place layers of cloth over it and tie it firmly with colored ribbons. When looking out for one, find one that you have an affinity with and gives you the feeling that it's classy and very sturdy. But remember, what makes the Wealth Vase so potent is not the vase itself, but the ingredients that go into it.

Step 2: The Ingredients

Bottom of the Wealth Vase

1. Soil from your own Home - represents the bonding of the Wealth Vase and You. Some experts say that we should use and ask "soil" from the land of a person who is richer than us, preferably someone who lives nearby. We can do the same, but I choose to put soil from my own home.

2. Uncooked Rice and Dried Beans - symbolic of abundant of food in the family and self-sufficiency in the household

Middle of the Wealth Vase

3. The Secret Ingredients - Feng Shui Coins, Flower Shaped Coins, Amulets such as - Pagoda, PiYao, Coin Sword, etc. These are considered the best ingredient possible in the Wealth Vase. The flower shaped design signifies growth, happiness and harmony always blossoming. The amulet is primarily used as a remedy against bad sectors, and its inscriptions will be used as a protective barrier for your life and wealth. This results in happiness, material wealth, and harmony all secured for the family.

Near The Top

4. Ingots or Wealth Bars, Real Money (notes) preferably Foreign currencies which has a higher value than your own, which is believed that you will never lose grip of your self earned resources. Semi-Precious Stones for a more stable health and wealth for the family.

At the Top

5. Place the God of Wealth - Cai Shen

Step 3: Finishing Up

Once everything has been filled up to the brim, put the lid on. Place a white cloth over the lid and neck of the vase so that it can be tied up with string/rope that represents the five elements (red, blue, brown, yellow and green). And there you have it. Your own wealth vase!

It should be pretty heavy at this point in time, but try to lift it up and give it a good and graceful shake to help the contents settle comfortably. The final part is to find a place to hide it in, such as a cupboard/cabinet where it will not be bothered frequently.

It is not necessary to make it before the Chinese New Year strikes... You can create your own Wealth Vase at your most convenient time... It would be better to make it during your "happy days"...

Good Luck to All of Us...
May we all be healthy, wealthy, and peaceful
throughout the years to come...

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