Slimming Water

Yep yep, there's this drinking water that can make us slim...

It's Hydroxydase

I tried it... And yes, as the product promises, you will lose 1 kilo per week... I lost 2 lbs after 6 days... But actually, I'm more into "inches" than in "pounds", because it's what the people see, right? Well, anyway, I taught myself to be patient, losing weight really works in a year's time, or maybe more, depending on the person's lifestyle...

So what does this product do??? This mineral water from France,

promises to help one lose up to a kilo a week by increasing one's metabolism, combat fatigue, prevent heart disease and strokes by augmenting magnesium levels, and eliminate bad cholesterol.

But actually, it does only one thing - It detoxifies, eliminates excess fatty acids through the presence of Magnesium. Because Magnesium has been studied as one factor to inhibit the spread of diseases... For more info on Magnesium in Water, click here.

So what's the composition of this "Slimming Water"?

Little gas (CO2) 3.747 g/l
Acidity (PH) 6.8
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 9737 mg/l
Calcium (Ca++) 213.2 mg/l
Magnesium (Mg++) 243 mg/l
Sodium (Na+) 1945 mg/l
Potassium (K+) 192.2 mg/l
Bicarbonate (HCO3-) 6722.2 mg/l
Chloride (Cl-) 367 mg/l
Sulphate (SO4--) 10.8 mg/l
Fluoride (F-) 0.2 mg/l
Iron (Fe++) 0.8 mg/l
Manganese (Mn++) 0.7 mg/l
Boron (B) 3 mg/l

I think those things listed above are "good stuff" eh??? I remember the last time I saw those words, I guess around 20 years ago, I used to memorize the number of nucleus or atom, or whatever that is, per element in the Periodic Table of Elements. That was Chemistry, which is in fact, until now, I have no idea how I managed to pass...

Well, one thing I like about this water is
(1) it doesn't taste bad
(2) it's like Sprite without the sweetness, but makes me burp
(3) it comes in glass bottles not plastic bottles
(4) it made my poop (pardon) float (means presence of fiber)
(5) it's French

I'd like to know what happens in 3 months... If I can lose 2 lbs in 1 week, then I guess I'd lose about 24 lbs in June??? whoa... I like that!!!

It costs P2,200.00 per box, 1 box contains 20 bottles, minimum of 1 box per delivery, plus P100.00 delivery charge, anywhere in Metro Manila.
PM me for details...

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